Brick & Beam

705 Adams St, Quincy
(617) 481-5434

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Elizabeth Stroka

I met a friend for drinks here and enjoyed our experience! The parking lot was very convenient. There were plenty of cocktails and drafts to choose from, as well as a variety of bottled beer. We split the pretzel sticks, which were delicious. We’ll definitely be back!

Bill Zemaitis

Great food, service is fantastic and great selection of beer.

Justin Maloney

The food was just fine, and admittedly, the portions were surprisingly large for the price. The wait time to actually get a table was significant, but that's not really on the restaurant. However, the wait time to get food was obscene. I love to cook, but some nights I just want to save some time and effort and have someone do the heavy lifting for me. When I have to sit for almost an hour in restaurant din, eating ceases to provide value over and above the effort it takes for me to make a meal I enjoy.

Cameron Kelly

I use to go here once a month but after last night no more. I'm not opposed to waiting for a good meal in a nice restaurant but I waited almost 2 hours for my food to get out. When my food finally came out it was not what I was expecting. The pasta was cold and the chicken was excessively dry. I order the same thing every time so I don't know what happened this time. I asked if I could order something different and the server told me " the kitchen is swamped, I can take it off your tab though." I feel as though this another example of restaurant who lost their touch. Maybe because the pandemic or maybe they are under new management but looking around our table nothing appeared overly appetizing. I won't be returning here any time soon, it feels as if it is falling apart at the seams ?

Kristin C.

Went for lunch with my mom today. I am in the industry so if I actually get on Yelp and review you know it has to be superb. From the manager at the door when we arrived to the hostess and the friendly efficient service, it was so enjoyable. Our server was on point, asking me if I wanted another iced tea before I had to ask, never forgetting a thing! She seemed happy to work there! Sorry I forgot her name. Now....the food.....pretzels were awesome, fresh and hot! Mom and I both got burgers, cooked to perfection all fresh! Quality ingredients! Hot as hot can be! The bun was like heaven! I was so impressed with the hand cut fries, and the onion strings. All of it was amazing! Fresh batter from a clean fryer! I looked at the reviews here and they are definitely lower than they should be. There is no place in Quincy that has what this place has! Quality , care , good energy , just the best lunch with my mom! Thank you to everyone working today! I will be back ! Oh and they let me charge my phone because I forgot my charger....who does that with a smile? Nobody but my server did!

Brandon Buccheri

Best service from great people! Great food and great drinks! Definitely a great atmosphere to be around!

CWC 67

Food was good. Service was better. Sit at the bar and you can't go wrong.

Joseph Mazzeo

We got take out as a change of pace from our usual go-tos. The food is not good, at best. The menu tries to be unique but did not deliver. The chicken in the Greek Chicken Kabobs was undercooked and was not at all what I would consider to be a kabob. It was the most textually displeasing chicken I have ever tasted. The steak on the beef and blue pizza was disgusting and the pizza was cold. The staff were friendly but the food was displeasing enough that I wouldn't come back if you paid me. Cheers!

Leah Rumbaua

Ist time since Villa Rosa. Great salad

Jacob G.

Seems like a pub that thinks it's fancier than every other pub around. Restaurant was half empty and it took 35 minutes to get subpar nachos. Was another 20 minutes before we got our entrees. Food was way to expensive for what you get. Cool atmosphere but don't recommend.

Kevin Brown

At first I saw the prices on the menu and I was concerned this was going to be another one of the many places where they overcharge for average food. And don't get me wrong, the food is pretty average but the portions make up for it. we ordered an appetizer of nachos and it ended up being a meal for one and a half, which was unexpected but appreciated.The pizza was good, pretty much what we expected (6 slices, 12" pie). The Mac and cheese ended up being super salty which killed it honestly.Would come back again.

Diane DeRubeis

The hamburgers were awsome. Friendly service fair prices.

Coleen Sheridan-Flagg

gluten free items clearly marked, fun staff, nice relaxed neighborhood vibe.

Kathy P.

We have been meaning to visit this place and we are so glad we finally did! We started with a few cocktails from the bar. We ordered some boneless chicken tenders for an appetizer and we both ordered the build your own burgers with cheddar and bacon. The fries are awesome - Hand cut for sure. The tenders and burgers hit the mark. Tara our waitress was also super attentive and friendly. We can't wait to go back again soon. Thank You!

Debi R.

Great service. Friendly, helpful and welcoming. We ate in the tent outback. The burgers are simply the best. Chicken wings were a bit of a disappointment to me. They were hard and drenched in too much sauce. I don't mind getting down and dirty eating wings but these dripped sauce even trying to wipe some off. I took them home with me hoping to be able to eat them and worry about being covered in sauce ear to ear but the meat was so hard. Just a fail for me. The fish and chips were good. Flatbread pizza was also very good. The cocktails are all very good. We enjoyed our dinner and will return.

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