Chipotle Mexican Grill

60 Newport Ave, Quincy
(617) 328-0413

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Melissa Haletky

A little spicy and the chips could be less salty. But still love it. Employees are not worried about shortage of change. Love their online app makes everything easier.

Melinda Braun

Nice atmosphere; friendly, efficient staff; quick service; delicious burrito.

Angus_ Beef

I ordered double chicken and didn’t get even a regular serving of chicken this always seems to happen when I order online but not in the restaurant

Brandon Y

I love Chipotle's burito bowl. It is very tasty and filling. Chicken and rice are my usual go to. Chipotle's cilantro seasoned rice is yummy.

Holly Proctor

I would give this place a higher rating but the fact that the food counter where they make your order is always covered in food (rice, beans, onions peppers, cheese, guac, corn, lettuce, sour cream...everything )and they just drag your order through it disgusting to me. I always have to ask them to clean my burrito foil, my bowl, and gran a clean bag.Then they act like youre asking for something crazy. I wish for a cleaner experience. The mess is real. But the food is yummy.??‍♀️??‍♀️

Marika A.

I usually have pretty positive experiences with Chipotle, but this was not one of them. If I could give them zero stars I would. To start, the customer service was horrible. When ordering my food, I asked the staff to rewrap the burrito because it was falling apart (which happens when you try to get all that goodness into one burrito). Instead of trying to wrap the burrito or even offer me a bowl he proceeded to try to cover with the foil and dismiss me. Aside from that, the store was out of food and pretty messy. All in all, very disappointed in this experience with this location.

Barry Costello

This was once the hands down *THE BEST* Chipotle in the Boston area. Before the pandemic there was a fluctuation in the quality/service from here. Pandemic? Heavy of grain of salt taken and pass given. "Post" pandemic? Consistency needs to be achieved.So currently, it's not a 5 and it's not a 3 or less right now.Either way, I'm still going to get dinner from here at least twice a week

Lindsay C.

Ordered a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice via Grubhub and received steak with white rice. Bag said my name with chicken. I was given the wrong order. I don't eat red meat! Lunch ruined!

Richard B.

The quesadilla is absolute garbage. The tortilla is grilled rather than pressed in a machine. It's not put together properly, everything is on the side in compartments in the very cheap takeout container. Get this right or STOP it immediately. The outside of the package was very messy with food particles. No care taken. The store was North Quincy.

Martha Glover

The place was crowded. Food on floor. I was there with my grandson for first time. I asked gentlemen to please have someone to clean table. It took 15 minutes. Also they charged me for my chips and forgot to put it in my bag. Stay away!!!

Dylan Reed

This store seems to give me the wrong order or someone else's order entirely ever single time I order. What finally broke the straw for me was tonights order. Ordered a double chicken, double brown rice, double corn salsa, mild salsa, black bean, lite cheese, and lite sour cream as my first bowl. Instead I got regular order of chicken (looks old), white rice (not even double), guac, lettuce, no sour cream, and extra cheese. Second bowl they messed up by adding corn salsa and another type of salsa, and didn't add both beans that were paid for. To top this off, we ordered a Sprite and Coke to go with it. Instead I got 2 sprites and cold food I didn't paid over $35 for.

Alexandra M.

I want to preface this review by saying I work in the food and service industry so I understand how stressful and hectic a busy work environment can get, especially on a Saturday during the lunch rush. It still, however, does not give the employees an excuse to be rude - especially when they mess up on your order and they have to re-do it. I live in the area so I've been going to this location for years, and I thought the service was getting better. Yet, almost every time I've gone in the past 6 months, I am taken aback by one of the staff members. One time, I asked for extra rice and then said I will pay extra for it! They responded with, "You can't have extra rice"... Then why is it an option when you order on the app? I said ok... as it wasn't a big deal. Then they say, with what sounded like a tone of sarcasm, "I'll make your day" as they put an extra scoop of the rice in the bowl. Recently, I came in to order two bowls. Asked for one with white rice and one with brown rice, both bowls with black beans but the one with white rice has light beans. I guess I can understand how that might sound confusing, but when it's literally your job to make people food the way they want it, you should listen. I received attitude for stating I didn't ask for pinto beans, as they were placed into one of the bowls, AND when I said, "I asked for light beans", I was again met with attitude. Normally I'm not one to write negative reviews or complain, since I usually let it roll off my shoulders, but I'm fed up at this point. I love Chipotle, but now I am really considering making the drive to Braintree whenever I'm craving it.

Edward G.

Online orders are incorrect or missing 90% of the time from this location (I.e., no chicken in a chicken bowl). Look elsewhere.

ryan dubay

Ordered 2 burrito bowls online and both were missing parts of the order. 1 in particular was missing half of what we ordered (including guacamole) they shouldn't charge extra for things they aren't going to put on the bowl. Would not recommend ordering online.

Andrew Rutecki

It's honestly faster to order in person rather than online, management is completely incapable of providing orders on time

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