Falafel King

690 Hancock St, Quincy
(617) 773-0100

Recent Reviews

Marie M.

5 stars for their falafel, which are the best in New England. We live about an hour away, but whenever we're in Quincy we always order food from Falafel King. Hubby likes the wrap, but I like eating them individually which costs $0.95 each. This is a fast food place for take out only. I recommend ordering over the phone because it takes about 10 minutes to prepare the food and there's no place to sit. Street parking on a crowded and busy road, but I usually find a spot nearby.

MT Chaput

It's a bold move to call yourself Falafel King... These guys earned it entirely. The falafel is amazing on its own, but the chicken, kafta, and lamb are off the charts. Plus, the portion sizes are fantastic too. It's like being at Sunday Dinner - you're getting amazing family food, and you're going to be FULL when you're done. Thanks for being the true Falafel King!

Kevin H.

I am so glad there is a falafel king in Quincy! I always go to the one in downtown and decided to give this location a chance. I ended up getting the chicken with falafel special roll up and got it delivered. It is a soft pita bread roll with chicken, falafel, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and hummus. The chicken was tender and had the perfect amount of seasoning. At the same time, the falafel was moist and had a crunch to it. There are restaurants/cafes that sell falafel that are dry like the desert and falafel king ain't one of them. I absolutely would buy lunch from here again!

Tray O.

First time trying falafel and it was amazing. I got a 1/2 chicken 1/2 lamb plate and it was so tasty and fresh! Definitely going back

Ameer Amein

One of the best fadt food and iraqi cuisin ,you will find real and testy food ,i recommend falafel king as bestviraqi food .

Michael Wong

I've ordered take out multiple times and my order was always ready on time. Food is tasty, I usually get the kafta plate. ? Bummer they close at 7p, I'd order more if they had later hours tho.

Mindy Fan

This is my favorite go to lunch spot each month! The food is so delicious and I walk away feeling full and healthy each time. I love the variety I get with the plate and of course their grape leaves and falafels are a must! The husband and wife are also so kind each time I visit. They recognize me and know my order/preferences which I appreciate. :)

Aaron J

Love their falafel roll-ups and baclava. The lamb and chicken platters are great too. Lots of delicious food at a good price.

Andrew Arace

Still the best falafel I've ever had, regardless of which location you visit.

Ashley Jensen

Fresh, fast and overall amazing food. I love this place.

K C.

Soooo good. I've been craving falafels and kabobs for a while. This place really hit the spot. Food quality is A++, taste is amazing. They also give you a falafel with every plate. Price is also reasonable for the amount of food you get. I'll be back in a day or 2 lol

Bob C.

Found this using Yelp and could not be happier. Food was outstanding. Restaurant was tiny, assuming take out is their main business, but immaculate. The women and young man were extremely helpful and professional. Had combo plate and falafel plate. Could not leave without baklava. We are not from the area but will be sure to order on our return visit.

Alan Taylor

Great family owned place. I've only gotten a falafel sandwich because they're so good but everything looks great

Edson Andrade

Delicious as always! Highly recommend!

Sam Green

This place is exceptional. They have some of the most perfect grilled lamb I've ever had, and everything else I've tried has been incredible too. They're really quick with the orders, crazy generous with the portions, and super friendly as well. 10/10 every time.

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