Bánh Mì Lê

419 Hancock St, Quincy
(617) 481-2921

Recent Reviews

Cara H.

My favorite place for beef stew. Their dried coconut squid jerky is also delicious.

T Ying

Good cold cut ban mi. Very little seating, but clean and bright. Be sure to try the rice noodle like dish (don't know what it's called), very yummy.

Conor O'Brien

2 of us had the bbq pork bahn mi and 1 had the tofu and we split a pork bao and shrimp summer rolls! Amazing!!!

Eddie Vo

Has the best banh mi in town

Lala L.

Not sure if this place changed ownership in the last year or 2 - the sandwiches definitely weren't what I remembered from previous visits. We ordered the cold cut special and let's just say, it's the skimpiest banh mi we have ever had. I swear she only put in 4 thin slices of cold cuts in each! Obviously, it lacked flavor substenance.

Random Quack

I always get the banh mi here. It’s delicious and makes me full.

Nicole Wood

The food is delicious, and the banh mi was perfect!

Wendy Nguyen

Best banh mi! I got the cold cut. They have so much variety of menu items too ! For a great price IMO. I’ve been going to Bale but banh mi Le has my business now . (The banh mi taste better in my opinion)

Lynda T.

Banh mi is good, other food is solid. I always walk out with more food then I anticipate. They have specials that you can call and order.

Thuy T.

Today was first time here, I got banh cuon and some Peach Tea. I would say the food is fresh, place is very clean and the workers are super nice. I would definitely return all the time since I work down the street!!

Eric Mendes

I LOVE this place. I've tried each banh mi several times and I've loved them all. They raised their banh mi prices recently by like 50cents, but I still think it is priced very well and you get your money's worth. I usually call in a pickup order which makes it super convenient to grab and go. All the employees are really nice and helpful so I always feel really comfortable inside even though I'm sure I look like I have no idea what I'm doing :). I would highly recommend this place.

Diana N.

I really like the banh cuon from here and always get it along with some yogurt and flan!

So S.

Ownership changed about 1 year ago.  Sandwich is now decent.  They've made some changes in terms of the meat--shredded chicken and different sauce.  Their meat proportions are now more minimal meaning they barely give you any meat. I will say it's still fresh but it's more of a 3 now with these new owners who are also nice.  Bread has a light toast and the veggies are also minimal.  I prefer Phinista in Fenway but this is decent if you are in Quincy.


Will NEVER go here ever again. Used to be convenient and the banh mi was good till i found a Nail in my banh mi .. whoever prepping before is not wearing gloves and that makes me cringe especially during this pandemic.

James Ong

If you have a craving for Bahn Mi, this place will satisfy it. However, there are better alternatives, and lately it feels like the price has gone up and quality has gone down. Twice I've ordered the #1 Bahn Mi (cold cut), and bit down hard on a shard of bone. I skipped this place for about 6 months, and going in today I saw they've raised all their prices 50 cents, so $5.50 for all Bahn Mi's except beef, which is $6.00. If it wasn't for the convenience factor, I'd go to the one at Kam Man, though I just passed a location that's opening up a Bahn Mi store near the Taco Bell/KFC on Hancock St, so maybe that'll be my new location in the future.

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