Little Duck Thai Restaurant

57 Granite St, Quincy
(617) 479-3157

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Joshua Willette

I live over a hour away and took my son today for his first Time eating Thai food . I lived in Quincy a long time ago and fell in love with this place . The service was fantastic , the food was amazing . And the price was unbelievably low . Chicken satay , pineapple fried rice and papaya salad

Anna Ta

I love this place. Even after frequenting this place for 5 years, the food is still just as good and the people just as nice. Dining in is now allowed and I did just that. The portions are good sized and the taste is always on point. I usually get the pad Thai, but got the pad see you this time around. Both are highly recommended. What was surprisingly good we're the STEAMED dumplings. The sauce was very good and the perfect blend of tart and sweet and salty. Always get the Thai ice tea or the milk tea. It has a creamy texture that isn't overly thick. It is a small dining area.

Linda Lowe

Got caught in a downpour so I went in with out ant expectations, I was so glad that I did! I had the lemongrass chicken, one of my party had the thunder chicken and one had a chicken salad. Everything was so good, they were doing a steady stream of take out and dine ins, if this was how they were in a downpour I can only imagine on a nice day the business they would do. Try them you will not be disappointed.

Dan H

I normally don’t care to write reviews for businesses even if the experience was that horrible but I feel somewhat of a moral inclination to write this one. I’ve been giving Little Duck at least a dozen tries over the course of 15 years and nothing has changed regarding their poor business ethic of skimping.The first time I tried Little Duck, I had their pad Thai. Very little meat and mostly noodles. I normally don’t jump the gun and give businesses the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe I just got unlucky so I decided to order their pad Thai a few more times. Same thing. Very little meat and mostly noodles. It was pretty consistent.A few years later, still giving the benefit of the doubt I tried Little Duck again. This time, I ordered their signature Little Duck fried rice. Again, very little meat and mostly fried rice. Now I’m starting to see a pattern but maybe I got unlucky again so I decided to order the dish a few times but to my dismay ?, the same results. Still, I gave Little Duck the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe I’m ordering the wrong dishes. Maybe there’s more meat in their entrees.Now, in 2021, I decided to try them again so I ordered a Tom Yum soup and a Tamarind Duck entree. The entrees at Little Duck don’t come with rice when most places give a side of rice with their entrees which made me roll my eyes but I still accepted it being the easy going customer that I am. No big deal. Anyways I brought my food home and again, the same results. The Tamarind Duck dish has so “little duck” in it if you get my pun. Surprisingly, the Tom Yum soup had a decent amount of chicken in there which is not consistent with their track record but I guess if they skimped on their bowl of soup then it would look horrible giving someone a bowl of just broth.Overall, I give Little Duck a 1 star rating due to this type of business practice. I’m not a rookie in eating Thai food. I’ve tried dozens of Thai restaurants, small and large. Amongst the Thai restaurants I’ve tried are Brown Sugar, The King and I, Montien, Nud Pub, Rodee and Bangkok City which was one of the best Thai restaurants for main entrees and specialty dishes but is closed now. With that being said, I have a gauge of what other restaurants are doing when making my comparisons.I see mostly good reviews on google for Little Duck and wonder who’s writing these reviews and whether they have ANY experience with Thai food. I also see other reviewers stating the same things that I state and the owner responds and tells the reviewer to call him back so he can make them another dish but why wait until someone complains to do right by them. I’m sorry for writing this review, Little Duck, but I don’t want anybody to feel the way I do like they just got their wallet stolen out of their back pocket when they go dine there.

Zoe S.

Been going here since I was three years old! My favorite is always the chicken pad Thai and pu pu platter, and end it with the fried banana as dessert!!

carlos gomes

Nice clean location and tasty food. I little bit of a wait but worth it.

Faisal Z

Best Thai food in the area.Certain days they have some hit or miss, but overall the food is on a higher quality compared to other options in the area, all of which I am familiar with.

Ryan Hawker

The best Tai Food in Quincy, bar none. Also nice people.

Barbara Bowe

Some of the best vegan thai we have ever had! The women I spoke with were incredibly kind and accommodating to our vegan requirements and basically told us they could make any noodle, rice, or stir fry dish vegan. We got the pad thai (no egg, no fish or oyster sauce +tofu), the pangan curry, and the eggplant delight (no chicken or fish or oyster sauce +tofu). We were all very satisfied! The pangang was certainly not for the faint of heart given it's spiciness level and would've prefered it a little milder but delicious nonetheless! We will definitely be going back! We're so happy we found this gem! Thank you Little Duck!

Scott Souther

Best Thai food around. Everything is made to order with fresh ingredients and you can really taste the difference.

Hughie Lyle

I just loved their dishes. I always get fantastic service here. The place is clean and the cashiers are always helpful. Would recommend to others.

Vincent Capone

Our favorite Thai restaurant in the area - wide range of food, cute restaurant, friendly staff, made to order and tastes delicious!

Jayasree Buddhavarapu

Awesome food. ?

Franck Y.

Been coming here for years, best Thai food in quincy! I always get the sausage fried rice and the steamed shumai.


Wonderful! I am always reluctant to try new Thai locations because good Thai is so hard to find. Traveling in the Boston area near Quincy I took a shot. Penang was spot on. Shu Mai was also excellent. I will be back!

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Little Duck Thai Restaurant

57 Granite St, Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 479-3157