Phở Pasteur

1462 Hancock St, Quincy
(617) 770-3300

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Sarah Braimah

I sincerely thank God for directing me to such a legitimate expert for me, Roselyn Taylor

Adam Defeo

I come here often for dining in and dine out. I highly recommend starting with the Vietnamese egg rolls they are the best around. The rice plates are Great and I would recommend the pork chops bone-in or bone out. The pho is really good and probably one of the best of two places in the area. The staff are always nice. I would give this a high mark on cleanliness, it seems that they do pride in cleanliness. They do have beer and other drinks available I believe it's a full bar but I've only had beer and sake. The staff is always nice and accommodating. Parking is not always the best. However there is a new parking garage in the next block I have not used that but it seems like it would be affordable and located in the right place if you can't find street parking. Very close to the Quincy center t station.

Jack Penta

Nice place. Authentic food. Good value. Owner is friendly.

Franklin Lee

Forgot to include Fish Sauce in my order of the Vermicelli w/ Grilled sliced pork. Basically made the whole plate unable to be enjoyed completely


Delicious and affordable. My favorite bun bo hue. The spring rolls are amazing as well.

Kendall D.

Really tasty pho and stayed REALLY hot even as a pickup order, still on my list to come in person now that things are opening up again! They did a great job of packaging everything separately so that you could assemble at home. It took a little extra love to keep the noods from getting too stuck together but better that than overcooking in the hot broth. I tried one chicken pho and one steak pho, the broths for both were similar but the steak was delivered completely raw and had to be cooked in the broth. We heated it with the broth on the stove just to be careful but just a word to the wise in case you are ordering this via delivery and won't have access to a stove! The flavors were bright and zesty and the ingredients all tasted fresh. Would love to try a few more items from their menu and see the place in person!

Nora W.

Perfect meal for a rainy night. Greeted by the owner who asked if we'd (roommates and myself) visited the restaurant before. When we said no, he said we'd be back and he was correct! We most certainly will be! Gorgeous, rich beef broth made with love and you can tell. Friendly staff and again the owner, just as welcoming and kind as can be. Can't wait to go back!

Siyun W.

I've been to that branch in Chinatown many times. But this is my first time order in Quincy. We ordered the beef noodle soup and the shrimp cake with grilled pork vermicelli. The noodles soup as well as usual. The vermicelli.... have no flavor at all. I try to find the waitress order more sauce but they all hiding behind. They just focusing on talking. No service at all. There are only two tables in the whole restaurant plus us. I saw that the other table had finished and was also looking for the waitress to pay the bill. Terrible service never come back again!

Wahquin P.

This is the spot to go to for pho if you're ever in Quincy. Their dignity is intact and the food is superb. Parking is a bit of a hassle though. Not a lot of street parking. But nonetheless the food is very on par.

Kin Iu

We like this place, good food good price and good service

David P

Good Vietnamese cuisine and good staff and clean restaurant

Janet Chin

Decided to give this place a try since it's a little closer to home. Was disappointed, ordered vermicelli bun with grilled pork,shrimp,and egg roll and pad Thai. The vermicelli was not vermicelli was a thicker white noodles that was broken, the pork didn't have much flavor, shrimp was over cooked and dry, and the bun didn't have the ground peanuts. The pad Thai did not have the ground peanuts either, only onions and chives and eggs..dont recall if menu said sprouts or not but when I've gotten it elsewhere it usually has it. Was under whelmed and disappointed. I has hoping to make it a regular place since we like getting the bun and it's closer... don't know if it's a new cook or what....will probably go back to my usual place

Nicolle P.

My favorite pho spot by far. The beef special pho is soo good. Lots of meat and the both is so tasty.

Rima L.

Great pho spot in Quincy. I would recommend calling to ask about their hours because it does not match what yelp or google has.

Tiffany M.

Go-to spot for pho in Quincy. The food comes out quick and hot, and has always been tasty each time we went there. My favorite is either the classic beef pho, or the shrimp cake pork vermicelli.

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