Pho Linh

409 Hancock St, Quincy
(617) 328-9600

Recent Reviews

Tamara M.

Ordered the flank steak pho, majority of it was fatty meat. Disappointed, but the broth was good.

Fred L.

Have never eaten inside but have ordered takeout several times. The takeout package is immaculate and is a great filling meal. It is our go-to Pho place among friends. The plastic bowls are sturdy and you can eat right away (compared to other pho places).

Andy Ma

One of the best pho take out I have ever had! It comes in a separate container of noodles, soup, with a large bag of bean sprouts. It makes a pleasure to eat it.

Kevin B.

When i used to work in Quincy used to eat there all the time. My favorite is beef pho! Could eat it every day. Amazing

Như Võ

Staff is not friendly, too slow, not professional, we had to wait too long in front of the door with mask up either. Spring rolls look so ugly. Never again. Bad experience.

Lynn H.

Our Togo place when we need Vietnamese food fixed. The portions are huge at a decent prices. Bring me back to home whenever I have food at Pho Linh. So yummy and delicious, flavor is perfect!

Roger L.

I've ordered lunch for my contractors a few times now, food has been consistent but the prices have increased dramatically. Avg $25/pp now is getting steep for a lunch

Phill M.

Their food is very good but there is a serious language barrier. If an older lady is answering phones, you better speak Vietnamese or you won't get what you ordered. This happened to me twice.

jennifer ross

Customer service and food is EXCELLENT!!! My recommendations are #3, #8, #63, & #65. A Must Try! ????????

Victoria B.

Twice during the vaccination stage of Covid-19, I ordered pho ga to go from Pho Linh. There's nothing like chicken soup for the vaxxy blues. After my first shot, I called in an order from the parking lot of a nearby CVS and picked it up on my way home. The second time, I ordered from the window at the restaurant itself. Both times, the soup was expertly packed. The broth was in one container and the noodles with lots of white meat chicken in another. The bean sprouts with sliced jalapeños were in a bag with fresh sprigs of Thai basil. (They include generous amounts, so much that I rooted part of the sprig in water to plant in my herb garden.) The large order is plenty for at least two servings, maybe three. They have a QR menu but they also have an online menu and take orders over the phone. I don't know if they deliver but there's plenty of street parking and also a designated parking lot behind the place (that I've never had to use). As of late April 2021, they have no dining room service, nor can customers access the dining room. They do business (exchanging food for payment) from a window inside the front door vestibule. The window is a small opening, so as to protect the server on the other side of it. When I was there, I stayed outside the outer door while the person ahead of me conducted business at the inside window because the vestibule is so small it's impossible to keep social distance. Most people followed suit, waiting patiently on the sidewalk in order of arrival. The second time I was there, I simply ordered at the window. While I was in there (alone on purpose), a couple came in and jammed up behind me as though they'd never heard of distancing or masks. I asked them to wait outside to keep social distance. They got huffy, of course, and started saying stuff such as, Are you the owner? LOL!!

Jenn Ross

Customer service and food is EXCELLENT!!! My recommendations are #3, #8, #63, & #65. A Must Try!

Melanie W.

It's been a few years that I ate at this place. I ordered take-out through Toast. The place is take-out only even Yelp says indoor dining is available. The price did not change much but they cut few items out from the menu but probably due to Covid. When you entered the first door, there is a bell for you to ring and the staff will get your order for you. The packaging is way better than before pre-covid. The pho special's soup was too salty and the meat was not soft enough. It is really a hit or a miss on that day for the pho. Roasted quail is tasty. Summer roll sampler definitely recommended.

Miranda Fowler

I’ve given this restaurant a few chances and I guess it’s just not for me. First I asked for not min or basil in my spring rolls and pho twice and still got it. It’ll be no biggie if I picked it out but the flavor is still lingering in there. The pho was still delish but the second time I ordered it there was small black short hairs all over my pho. I didn’t notice at first until I happened to look at the piece I was eating. I instantly spat it out and turned green. It’s some type of animal hair..... not quite sure it’s very questionable. But al least my boyfriend has no issues with them he loves the bahn mi, pretty sure I spelled it wrong.

Garrett E.

If I could I would give them all the stars in the world. I love the place. I love the food, the prices are very reasonable and the staff is always friendly and quick. What more could you ask for?

Krizia V.

Finally found a good Pho place! That's all the Vietnamese food I eat and adore. Much better than their more popular rival.

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