1245 Hancock St, Quincy
(617) 770-4953

Recent Reviews

Sherri Barry

This Starbucks is consistently unprofessional and I don't think they have produced a drink correctly the past few times I've been. Baristas give attitude when you let them know your drink is incorrect. The short female Asian manager doesn't ever seen to do much besides chat with coworkers behind the counter. Their foam is never the right consistency. Asking them to remake a drink seems uncomfortable. Allset w/ this place. Today they allowed people to order on the app and then when asked why nothing looked right @ pickup it was passively agressively pushed off as a delivery issue. No it's an employee issue.


??? very nice atmosphere. Barista that took my order was very sweet and super polite

Corey Goldman

Sarah has impressed me with so much hospitality I had to write a review. She goes out of her way for everyone. She really cares for the customer. Kevin also is great with hospitality.

Rita Myers

We were there on a very busy Sunday morning. Had to wait about 7 minutes for our order. While waiting I watched the team - everyone was doing their job and working at a steady pace, with a smoothe operation getting orders out without issue.

Rebecca Gresham

always so polite and not a long wait for my drink ever

Enysa Rojas

Always great service.

Dennis Mahony

This place is not busy I’m standing here making eye contact with an employee and he’s ignoring me, 20 minutes so far for a regular medium coffee with cream and sugar. Absolutely horrible service, keep my money this is absurd

Emily C.

The employees here are extremely friendly and hardworking. I placed an order through the mobile app and my order was completed before the estimated time provided.

kshea 0501

Love! So glad they're lightening up with the restrictions. I got a salted caramel cream iced. A big treat for me! So yummy

Ed M.

The crew here is always friendly and go above and beyond to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. On one occasion an item on my app order had not been ready, they prioritized getting it for me and made the 3 year olds morning.

Paige Arrigal

Great coffee quick

J Falk

Staff is always nice and very pleasant.

Jessica M.

This morning I went to get my daily coffee per usual I went to the Starbucks location and I ran into the lady at the front register, Millie. I was very polite and the transaction went smooth so I thought. I handed her the money and in return to my surprise! She tossed the remaining five dollars on the counter as if for me to fetch. She didn't place it back in my hand or even place it on the countertop she entirely tossed it towards me as if I had did something wrong to her. I won't be going there again ever! People sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed at times but that is no reason to treat others bad.

Kayla T.

The friendliest/kindest/sweetest coffee shop staff I have ever encountered (coming from someone with a coffee addiction who frequents many coffee shops) I can't say enough good things about these humans - the drinks are good of course but it's the people behind the counter that have me coming back :)


Such as “smart” employees , but “cheap” service at here. Whoever make this latte, I hope you have a great day. Cheap mind poor service. Vantages latte come up with normal size and bunch of air to fill up you freaking space , great job Starbucks

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