Tony's Clam Shop

861 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy
(617) 773-5090

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Rose

Been coming here for years! The place is the best!!!! Tonight I had a combo of fried scallops and fried whole belly clams with onion rings! YUM!!!

Jennie Wee

Their lobster

Denise Lawless

I LOVE this place have been going the for over 40 years. Every time I come back to Boston it is a must visit. Food is great and you can just eat, relax and look at the ocean or better yet put your feet in the water.

Conor Howard

Excellent quality seafood without much pretentiousness or fluff; they really let the (shell)fish speak for itself. Service was good and the atmosphere was top notch. Maybe a bit on the pricy end, but worth if for a table with a bay view.

Cheryl Zimmerman

Watched Tony’s clam shack on phantom gourmet this morning so started craving all the yummy fried clams scallops and lobster roll was there by one great food great service

Kendall Ricciardone

Been here about three times now and the food has always been great, but unfortunately each time I've left feeling like I'm bothering the employees by being there. No smile or greeting, just chatting with each other before someone decides to ask what we want to order. On our last visit neither my partner or I were ID'd for alcoholic beverages, and one of the drinks did not have alcohol at all (even though we were charged for it). Will probably pass this place by and try somewhere else in the future.

Bob S.

Always like going here. Seems like these good seafood places along the beach close for winter and I wish they would not. It just means i go half as often! Very good food. Fast service. Perfect everything!

Derek G.

Tony's is a must! Love the place. Been going since I was a kid. Every time I swing through the Q I hit Tony's. Food is always great and I'm always in and out!

Ziv H.

4 stars for doing what it does well. Fried oysters, clams and other mollusks, served in paper baskets, carried out to your indoor/ outdoor table, whilst looking out at the Quincy shore. Notably, a thin and ungreasy batter encases all those unshelled creatures in their transient home before their alimentary fate. Same for the onion rings. Batter as it should be, allowing the salty air of the oyster flavor to breach...

Taya A.

My brother came to visit home from landlocked Colorado and he requested fried seafood. I had to bring him to try Tony's after seeing it on Phantom Gourmet and Dining Play Book. It did not disappoint! The atmostphere is beautiful, with a close up view of Wollaston Beach. They have a huge menu with so many choices and an amazing drink selection too. I had the fried scallops and they were so fat and plump. Simply perfect! I felt the onion rings could have used a little more seasoning, but they were delicious too. You can tell the seafood is super fresh which is exactly what we wanted. Tony's is a must-visit this summer.

Steve W.

Tony's is a Quincy staple with fresh quality-seafood at premium prices. The seafood quality is great, but I don't think it justifies the prices for portion size. Quality is mostly due to their supply chain and location by the water with parking, with preparation being simple (fried or broiled - as easy as you can get) and borderline rude customer service. If all marks were checked, then maybe it would justify the price. Food is fresh and incredible - but after going there a few times a season, it all kind of tastes the same. Because it is all prepared the same. You shouldn't be doing a lot with good seafood, but damn do something with it! Ever since Tony passed, prices go up annually (i get it, fresh seafood is getting increasingly expensive, but this was true before as well and prices didn't go up this extremely). Also looking back over the years, I've never had an experience at the counter where they didn't seem indifferent or inconvenienced by me just being there and ordering. It seems like the family is kind of entitled. You take 4 months out of the year during winter to go to FL - and on top of that the 8 months you do work, you're not appreciative of customers? When all you have to do is take an order, fry/steam, and put it on the counter? Oh yes, the website notes that they close at either 9:00p or 9:30p - because if it get's slow, screw it, they're just going to go home? Great at serving your customers. You really show that you are just there to make a quick buck.

Eliana W.

First time here and would absolutely come back. Easy parking in the back of the restaurant. You can order at the counter and seat yourself. Beautiful view of the ocean and very clean outside. We ordered 4 different meals (including the lobster roll and the seafood platter) plus 2 kid meals. Very fresh and delicious. We didn't have to wait today, but I'm thinking the wait wouldn't be too bad because there are a lot of places to sit across the street and look at the ocean.

Rola Sam

Great place and great food ,especially the fish and chips are very good. I told my friends about this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the food there is delicious and the outside seating was very nice .

C.L. Melo

Absolutely tremendous service, the workers here really hustle. The food is outstanding, whole clams, haddock, Cole slaw. Everything was fresh and delicious. Great atmosphere across from Wallaston beach.

Sandy L.

This place never disappoints! I love the fried whole belly clams and fried scallops. Clam chowder is good but not the best I've ever had. The corn fritters were surprisingly delicious and a great substitute for those that cannot eat seafood. My sister has the burger and liked it.

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