Nachlo Mexican & Pakistani Cuisine

1443 Tremont St, Roxbury
(617) 397-3200

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A K.

Excellent kebabs and biryani! Make sure to phone and confirm that your order is ready to pick up before you head there. They're sometimes running late! The staff are extremely polite.

Judy W

Order came with mistakes (“goat meat” burrito came with NO MEAT), cold, and MOLDY. Unacceptable. Don’t even bother.

Kenton Hetrick

I went into Nachlo last weekend expecting some great Pakistani food and some decent Mexican food. Little did I know that I would exit 30 minutes later carrying a carefully packed bag containing a carefully packed box containing the best nachos in all of Boston. The toppings are hefty but the robust chips can easily handle them, and the flavor is indescribably great. The cheese is both the best and most mysterious part of the experience -- I know it's there (I saw it added) but I can't see it -- I can only taste and experience it. It is, in a word, magical. I'm going back for more this weekend!

Mars Biz

Birani is very authentic! Must try. Also potato samosa is good too!

J Huang

I admire this restaurant! They prepare excellent meals, their menu is large, The chef in that spot is a specialist, I love very much tasting all their food. The food is consistently good, the service towards the guests is friendly. I visit often this restaurant and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend this place.

Ashar Saleem

I cannot stress how good the Chicken Tikka and Chicken Seekh Kabab are. The chicken tikka at Nachlo might be the singularly best Pakistani/Desi restaurant dish in the entire Greater Boston area and that is not hyperbole or exaggeration.They make the BBQ items fresh when you order so plan on waiting 10 - 20 minutes.I havent tried the Mexican fare yet and since Im not an expert on the cuisine I can't speak to it's authenticity. But the Pakistani menu items are simply amazing

Paul M.

Keep forgetting online and called in orders even when it's slow when you go to pick up. Happened twice already . Very unhygienic  supporting staff do not wear any gloves and handle raw meat (Kabab) with bare hands before placing in oven. Raw meat is handled in same counters as other food. Better have a strong gut before you head here.

Walter Zuniga

two days ago was our first time in this good restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We passed a splendid evening with the good service, with the excellent dishes and wine and with the comfortable cost. We will definitely come back soon.

Mishka M.

So the portion sizes are very large for the price and generally everywhere i have gotten good pakistani food it's been overpriced. This place feels like home. Didn't have any Mexican but do recommend it for nihari and biryani - haleem was different but good!

Shiza Ahad

Best BBQ in town.. chicken boneless Tikka was yummiest..just tell them if u like spicy food they'll do it for you..

Irtiza Akhtar

If you wana try desi style Nachos thats the best place to try

Binit S.

Their biryanis are good, even though they microwave it for you to eat. One thing that I didn't really like was that the cooks did not wear any face covering/PPE when preparing the food. Not really ideal for the pandemic going on.

Amani A.

Ordered take out chicken Tika masala, biryani, chicken kabobs! Loved their selection and the variety to chose from. The flavoring was on point and one of the best chicken kabobs I've ever had.

Maryam M.

This is such a hidden Pakistani gem in the city ! my friend and I went recently having vaguely read the yelp reviews and knowing it was halal. We went in and unfortunately only saw the Mexican menu and ended up ordering quesadillas- which were great by the way with chicken tikka! yummmm 5/5But while we were there we learnt they have a full Pakistani menu! Hakeem, poori chollay halwa on the weekends, samosa chaat! You name it! We ended up trying the chollay and halwa which was mouth watering!!! Everything here is fresh and hand made and the flavors will take you right back to the streets of Pakistan! I can't believe It took me so long to discover this place! Definitely my go to place for authentic Pakistani food! Can't wait to go back and try more dishes!

Eric S.

Lukewarm soggy burrito. Food seemed old and the restaurant was dirty and left me concerned. Employees were not wearing masks.

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Nachlo Mexican & Pakistani Cuisine

1443 Tremont St, Roxbury, MA 02120
(617) 397-3200