City Jake's Cafe

1573 Main St, Springfield
(413) 731-5077

Recent Reviews


My favorite place of all time!! Best food ever! And very cheap!

Ashley Thompson

This place is the best breakfast place I been to so far. There home fries are great. There pancakes are amazing. They are way better then ihop pancakes.

Zilkia Marcano

I love it! Ten years living here and I never tried it before. What a waste. Is an amazing place to eat.


City Jake's is a great place with fantastic breakfast foods!! I usually get a breakfast sandwich with corned beef, bacon, egg, and cheese on a english muffin..... MOUTH WATERING!! Its the only place I know that serves corned beef too. City Jake's is one of my favorites

Count Chokula

Ive been coming here for years and generally get the same thing. Jake has never disappointed and even remembers me after i havent been in for about a year. Great food great service great workers and a great price. Only downside is he isnt open later but hey if you can get there in the morning its worth every penny.

Allen Cooley

Its cash only but it has Pretty good food!!Popular for sure seating is hard to get!They do take out and deliver as wellCheap prices as well, highly recommended for breakfast

michael mendoza

This is a terrific Breakfast and lunch spot. It is a short walk from the Sheraton. The food quality is above average, the staff is very friendly. It is self service eat in that is comfortable and delicious ?

Timothy Calef

Love the service feels good to sit inside and eat a meal in these covid times.

Ryan McCarthy

I have never left a review of under 4 stars in my life. I understand the negative impact they can have on a business. However, this is the grossest food I've ever seenMy order was for a sidewalk special. 1/3 cheeseburger, only cheese. What was delivered was a sidewalk special, 1/3 cheeseburger, double mayo (literally both sides), lettuce, tomato, pickles.The French fries are at the same time overcooked on the outside, undercooked on the inside, so greasy that I can twist them in a full circle twice before they rip.To the owner, no I would not like you to reach out to me. I would like you to work towards this not happening to any other customers.

Mattie Kingori

Still has comfy feel with covid-19 adjustments.


very good bfast... had the #10... recommend stopping in for freshly cooked meal...

David Denson

City Jakes is awesome I would not eat breakfast anywhere else

mandy lenza

Been going to city jakes for about 20 yrs, i have never gotten food there i didnt like. Love everything made to order, made with care. Fast, Courteous, and awesome service. Highly recommended!!!

Evelyn Valle

Food is amazing and the staff is great! Best place around!!!Evelyn ❤️

Robin R.

I got delivery from this place today and was so impressed! To start I had to call and ask a question about the doordash menu and they were so nice. I got the philly pita lunch special with chicken noodle soup and ended with the Jakes Cake. Everything was delicious and the portions were plentiful! I have dinner and dessert for later! Oh and the prices are so good!!!

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