1402 Allen St, Springfield
(413) 783-8044

Recent Reviews

Deborah Cherry

Very underwhelming. Food was just mediocre and skimpy.

Ken Lamb

Food came out hot and fresh very polite staff All Around a good experience

cheryl best

Great service, hot food & correct order.

Athanasios Katsafanas

Spicy chicken sandwich was terrible. I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Tried a fish sandwich a week later while traveling and found that terrible as well. My son said to stick to basics and fried a bite of his Big Mac. Found that not only didn't it look like picture on the screen, but tasted awful as well.

Maigan Zola

Today I came inside at the Allen st location I got out of my truck and parked at Wendy cause I changed my mind.i walked around because the electric wires were hanging down which is extremely dangerous. So I got inside I tried ordering on the machine I did but It wouldn't print slip for cash. Went up to cashier and he pulled it up he got mad cause I wanted to use my rewards and my coupon. So I did and I got a large frappe he made it the first time said it was a large but it was a medium the cup even said so. He gave me attitude. If he slowed down and thought about what he was doing he wouldn't have messed up. He gave me a second one covered in chocolate all sticky. The other workers were just standing around talking in Spanish. He was running cause he had to do drive thru drinks.He had to much on his plate. Honestly those other workers should have helped out. This location needs better team work and better nicer crew thanks. This was the male employee. I can say that this location was pretty clean and there food was nice, hot and fresh.

Kristina M Scott

Gave me a strawberry SHAKE instead of a SMOOTHIE. Called the manger to see if I could get another smoothie on another day because I had surgery and couldn’t drive. She said that I would have to come back to get another smoothie. Really??? Called corporate on them. Manager’s name is Brittany (sp?).

nicholas martinez

Was missing a mcchicken and the manager, a short heavy set woman with a tiny despicable ponytail, decided to argue that it was in the bag. I showed them it was missing and she rolled her eyes and handed me the replacement extremely rudely. She is an example of poor management. Like who wants to steal a freaking mcchicken, i ordered a 20 pc wouldn't I have tried to get that since it's more expensive. No, she was sure I wanted to get over on a darn mcchicken.

Gregory Norman

I went to McDonald's a week ago and bought 2 double cheeseburgers and a strawberry shake. I haven't been to McDonald's in ages. The cheeseburgers were delicious and the shake was just how I like it; nice and thick. I'm watching my weight but it's always nice to go off diet for a McDonald's treat at times.

Shyann Rivard

Clean and friendly cashiers, food was nice and fresh but unfortunately they are not offering dinning. You can go inside the lobby to order if you like

damian cortes

I had a good experience with great customer service

Lori Munson-Duncan

Had us pull into a parking space when all we ordered was ONE CARAMEL FRAPPE!! Ridiculous!!!!!

Lola Torres

Tjey good it all depends on the employees who get mad if you stay in line because you are aking for sugar or ketchup. Its so simple just put a few in the bag so that no

Eddie Ramos

Quick service drive thru .

Amarilis Torres

The employees are very rude here, always getting the orders wrong and when you tell them they have an attitude about it. This McDonalds used to have good service but not anymore.

Yolanda L.

We tried to order McDonalds via the drive thru. The line that we selected never alternated to our line. After we were skipped we pulled forward to order at the window to realize that only one window was open. After waiting for 10 min we pulled off.

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