Solmar Restaurant

132 Main St, Indian Orchard
(413) 543-7901

Recent Reviews

Benjamin Shopey

Great place to sit, eat, drink, and play keno. They have a great selection of Portugese dishes but you can order just about anything you want!

Anna Flores

Food was excellent

Lynn Fiorentino

Great food and service every time.

Keila Matos

Food was amazing, crispy, and hot. Service was nice and quick, nice vices the drink was also delish

Alan F

We really wanted to like this restaurant, and maybe, someday, we will. Monday lunch is a tough act in a quiet neighborhood; many restaurants have given up on early in the week meals with the precarious economy. We arrived at 11:45 AM, clearly early, to an empty but clean and soothing dining room. Our waitress, from a distance, in a cheery voice said sit down wherever you like, I will be there in a minute. She did come by in five minutes or so, brought us menus and asked for our drink order. I don't mind that our meals took 45 minutes or so to arrive, or that a couple of regulars came in after us, went to the kitchen and their orders came out. But we had two specials, that weren't quite special. My wife loves clams. Her generous bowl, in a white wine and garlic sauce was not that appealing since 2/3rd of the clams were tough and rubbery. I had better luck with the Mackerel special. The fish were delicious, but the rice pilaf and mixed vegetables, which were tasty, came out luke warm. Yes, I could have sent them back for a few moments under the broiler, but both had a little too much salt, and by then we were ready to eat. Why is it the less busy a restaurant is, the more mistakes they make? I asked for unsweetened iced tea. The waitress said there was sugar in it, but not too much. Well, that is a matter of opinion. I can see, when everything is in gear, that these folks know how to cook; and we like the food of Portugal. But this experience left us longing for a better rendition.

Shannon Bilodeau

Large portions, well seasoned, tasted great! Service was on point and our Bartender/server was extremely kind!

Maria Barbosa

Great food and drinks!

Edward Sas

Great bar, classics, food, well loved.

Kelly LaFrancis

awsome food!!! great bartenders

Douglas Kirk

Very relaxing pleasant atmosphere.

Stephanie Hurtado

Best food around, the cooks are awesome, the waitresses & bar tenders are beautiful,. Just a cool place to chill . BBOM

Joao Ferreira

awesome place to eat and drink good atmosphere griff is the best

Matthew Letellier

food is freakishly yummy, cheap prices, great service, and yeah a great place

Tom R

Great local Portuguese bar and restaurant. Friendly staff and patrons.

Valarie Marsh

PPE is update, very safe! Absolutely loved my waitress and it was only her second day. Amazing restaurant and good (:

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