1400 Main St, Springfield
(413) 214-6008

Recent Reviews

Johanna Guillen

Always fresh & delicious

chris wiley

Ordered a tuna sandwich with cheese. Got a tuna with lettus tomatoes onions and peppers. When I brought it back they told me it wasn't from there. So I just worked the whole day hungry. Thanks Subway

Erikah Carter

My favorite

Leonard Lewis

Dmitriy Kochnev I Got Your Back

Jean-Pierre Aladin

That is good to buy something here to eat. You can try it safely

Patrick Ingle

I love sandy squirrel and miss crabs.

brenda whitman

Love it

Yesenia F.

I have been visiting this subway for a long time, my last experience was not a pleasant one, the young lady behind the counter that was taking my order, was very unprofessional, she had to ask me several times what I wanted on my sandwich because she was too busy paying attention to and giggling with another employee that was in the kitchen area. Employee was totally distracted by the other employee whispering conversation. Left the restaurant very unsatisfied.

Troy Smith

Off the book

Andre Derouin

Great service very quick and friendly!!


Delicious food

Jovany Garcia

Eat fresh! Not!


A very good place to eat at they make sandwiches for a good price check them out do you have the sub of the day very good menus and very good varieties of sandwiches

Lilliam Anette Ramos

Good food


Service was fast and food was consistent, which are the two main reason to seek out a Subway. I like the new(ish) carved turkey sandwich.

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