Wong Wok Restaurant

749 Sumner Ave, Springfield
(413) 746-8084

Recent Reviews

Jyothsna Luckshetty

Wong wok is the wrong wok, the food here was terrible - was missing salt in 2 dishes and there was no good flavor in any of the 8 dishes we bought. When I complained about the food being too oily and fatty, the server basically told me that's because I ordered oily food. No remorse about the terrible food and no sense of service. I'd recommend NEVER to go here, it was a waste of money.

Sammy Rodriguez

I ordered today and went to pick up my order I had napkins and sauce and no fork nor spoon I called the place and the person was very rude almost made me go back and knock the teeth out the person .. people don't eat with hands jerk offs .. and to top it all off the rice isn't cooked right it's hard .. this place needs to get better cooks and phone call ppl .. I won't order from here ever again .. I wouldn't suggest this place to anyone I know .

Ashley-Rose Saccamando

The food was pretty tasty. Kinda pricey for what you got but it was yummy.


The good was amazing. I love Chinese food and some places just don't have the same flavor. Buy I loved everything about this restaurant from the lighting to the food.

Ken Anstett

I got the pu pu platter and it was ok but the rice was hard ..the chicken fingers were kind of overbreaded and the egg rolls tasted kind of funky...even the shrimp was overcooked and chewyI was good portions feed quite a few people but I have had a lot better for cheaper ?

Mocha Dixon

Absolutely love this place, no matter what people say about it.

Sam Morrigan

Delicious Food! It's my go to for chicken fingers when I come back home to MA.

Shirl Hickson

Had, boneless pork, fried wings and pork fried rice. NASTY, I don't know what they put on those wings but they had a nasty taste to them. I'm home done eating Chinese food. NOPE IM DONE!!!!!. WAIST OF MY MONEY.

Chauncey Scott Jr.

I tried this restaurant last night , ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I’m not a picky eater but this was the worst tasting food I’ve ever had in my life , and I have had a lot of food . I do not recommend this to anyone

Mark Barnes

Best Chinese restaurant I've visited since it opened years ago

Christopher Isaacs

The food is usually amazing but last night everything was horrible. The teriyaki beef was all fat. Couldn't even take a bite off of it. Threw most of it away. The rice was old. The chicken in the low mein tasted weird. Don't know what happened last night but I was so disappointed. But honestly it is usually the best. Hope it's not gonna suck from now on.


Ordered Sesame Chicken Dinner Special with beef teriyaki instead of chicken fingers. Most disgusting food I’ve EVER EVER EVER HAD!!! COULDNT EVEN EAT IT!!

Angel Raymond

Rice looked soaked in soy sauce and did not taste good so was the egg roll and I ordered shrimp fried rice and there was no shrimp

Chris Sullivan

Fantastic flavors and large portions. This is the best restaurant in the Springfield area.

Solobia Hutchins

called to confirm i ordered the right food person who answered the phone very rude she hung up in my face all I was doing was asking a question Today is the last time I will order from you guys gotta talk to paying customers with respect I did not appreciate being hung up on.....

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