Burger King

294 Winthrop St, Taunton
(508) 822-8013

Recent Reviews

Tayler Andrews

Every time I come here, it's basically a 20-30 minute. Worst BK EVERRRR!!! Your food will be cold and you'll be able to read a full novel in the drive through line. Don't go here!!! Save yourself!!!

kim whitmire

Great staff just very slow service

Nick Bradshaw

Slowest drive thru I've been through, and the order was wrong! I've gone here for years and it's always the same

Chris Toler

No customer service here and slow and rude

Wendy Schindelwig

The woman taking the orders had a nasty attitude. the cooks was mad cause food is up & the frontend staff was taking forever to get it out. ? 20 minutes I sat in drive through to find out she was playing with her phone the whole time. I felt Sorry for the rest of the staff trying to Hussle while this 1 team members brought the whole crew down

Robert T.

I've been doing to this Burger King ever sense I was a kid my favorite to get here now is the chicken sandwich witch has gone up in price from 3 to 5$ witch isn't too bad but still kinda greedy anyways their lines can be long during lunch very slow sometimes to the point where you want to drive off

Anita Porter

I went after work (11pmish), was out of three items I first asked for, then had to wait almost 10 minutes for my fries and a cold sandwich. I understand I was there late but they always serve late, but to be out of food then make someone wait it was disappointing.

Curran Carpenter

The woman at the window was awesome! Best fast food experience in a while

Leo Alberts

Nicholas was awesome and taking care of me I tell you not everybody can get it right all the time but he definitely made it right and that's what it takes being a manager it's very hard work being back there guys you can complain all you want sometimes all you got to do is say something and get people an opportunity to make it right thank you Nicholas

Karen Podolske

they serve the best food and have great people

Roland Fontaine

15 minute wait in drive through at 8:45pm. Though once again the whopper was spot on delish.

David Imhoff

I love the burgers because they are flame broiled. That taste always makes you feel like you’re eating a burger at a bbq.

Susan Overton

Quick service. Hot food. Decent prices. Good breakfast except for coffee.

John Norkawski

I love my BK and if I didnt this would be a 1 or 2 star spot. During my visit tonight I waited 20 minutes in line and after I finally had my food I was grossed out from old fries so I opened my burger and that was also not good. They must have run out of buns because I had potato burger buns and it was nasty so I went for my coke and it was sprite but not flavored because they NEVER REPLACE SYRUP. Dissapointed

Charles Chappell

Clean inside, great service, order was accurate. Food was fresh and hot.

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