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1094 Main St, Weymouth
(781) 340-9000

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Heather Leone

Great family fun atmosphere


I work here, been here for almost four years now. I'm not saying we're a bad store, but I personally think we can improve alot more than where we're at right now.

Kaitlyn D.

The 99 Restaurant in Rockland has no respect for their employees. I have had many female family members who have worked there in the past and there have been many times where the cooking staff has sexually harassed them and when their actions were reported nothing was done. Their managers call them "rumors" without sitting down and talking with their staff to get the full story. The managers are awful humans beings and do not prioritize their workers safety in fear of having someone lose a job. It's not comforting knowing my food was made by a bunch of scumbags and sexual harassers and it is safe to say I will never eat there again and will be telling all my friends and family to do the same. When the managers gain some moral I will consider going back, they sound like disgusting human beings.

James Regan

Everyone loves the 99 !! Everyone gets something they like. Weather it is the boneless buffalo wings and skins app. Or flatbread pizza or mozzarella moons for apps. Then there is the smothered Steak tips with the special 99 seasonings with mashed potatoes and buttered corn. Or the. Baked skrod ? dinner. Everything was prepared and served exactly as expected. Every time all the time. Always quality and consistency. I will always say yes to going to the 99.

Andrew Gorham

One of my favorite 99's. Then again not sure I ever went to a 99 I didn't like.

Jen MacDonald

Best boneless GOLDFEVER wing EVER!

Tommy Sands

Our server was very good. I found the portions to be like my table. On the small side. The menu is far from gourmet but the food has never been bad. It reminded me of the Jackson Square Tavern.

Sylvia McGrath

Service was not that good. Waited over 15 minutes after being seated before server came to take our drinks order and then about another 10 minutes to bring the drinks, then longer to come and get our order, appetizers and main dish came at the same time....just not very good at all. AND the place wasn't even full or busy, dont know if he was new or not.


People were not that friendly the hostess nor the person who seated us. My waitress seemed to only be the one who was welcoming to me and my daughter. Mind you we were the only two African American in there.

Adriana Lange

The chicken fajita bowl is delicious! My kids love the gold fever chicken tenders and the never ending popcorn! Service can be hit or miss and slow.

Debbie V.

Let me start this review by saying the server was great, his name was Antonio. I was there with 3 other people, one of them my 76 year old father. We ordered our food after we ate our appetizer. We ordered 2 Balsamic Chickens, I got the BBQ Chicken Wrap and my father got the Scallops. The server came out with all the chicken entrees and informed us the "Broiler had Broke" and that he was going to go back to ask how long it would take for it to come out because we had already gotten our food. We told him if it wasn't going to take long we'll just have another Balsamic Chicken. At that point he said it would take another 15 minutes for the chicken to cook. I ask to speak to a manager, her name was Stephanie. She was clearly overwhelmed and came to the table with an attitude. I am the manager of a restaurant when you go to "touch a table" you're basically the face of the restaurant you're speaking for the restaurant. She was very defensive, she said she told the server the Scallops were almost finished cooking, the server never told us they were almost done cooking he said he would have to go back and check how much longer. She ended up bringing out the scallops basically dropped the plate on the table and ran back and was super sarcastic as she left.As my fathers eating he realized they weren't even the sides he ordered. The server ended up bringing out the Balsamic Chicken that was cooked, the manager never came back to the table she made the server bring over the extra Chicken. I get it the restaurant was overwhelmed, it was the Fourth of July they were probably under staffed. But the managers attitude was deplorable. I was just at that 99 for Fathers Day, my father likes it there. But next time we go we'll make sure we go to the one in Hingham.

Stephanie L Mitchell

caty my waitress was attentive.good food and prices. Only downfall as it took forever for the host to greet us and seat us

Patty Madden

Jillian a great server. Food very inexpensive and always good no wait and free kid meal if the soxs win...win win situation

Bob Johnston

Good neighbor friendly. Like the two establishments I go to. Weymouth + pembroke. Not gourmet, but good. Sometimes can surprise you.

Mark J.

I went here for lunch. It wasn't that busy. I was able to get a table right away. I sat outside as they had a tent with some tables. The waitress (Caty) was very polite. I ordered a grilled chicken with rice and salad. I didn't wait long until the food was ready. The quality of the food was decent. The only bad thing is I felt the quantity of the food could have been a little bit larger.

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