Domino's Pizza

7836 Wise Ave, Baltimore
(410) 282-1919

Recent Reviews

Brandon B.

I'm done with Dominos after waiting two hours and still no food. Charge my card, says out for Delivery for two hours, still waiting. You've lost a customer with your horrible service.

KillerMeals On IG

Jalapeño chicken cheese and pineapple.. sooooo goood

Anthony Clark

I'm continuing a review I started about a driver texting and driving and told me to mind my own Fing business well it is my business when you're on the road with me I was on a motorcycle and was hit by somebody who was doing something texting whatever they were doing I couldn't see in their truck but they hit me on my motorcycle and cost me part of my right hand so it is my business because you're on the road with me


Imagine saying you close at 12 but actually closing at 11:37

chrisitna clem

If I could give zeros stars I would! Worst pizza I've ever had in my life. Had no flavor, was burnt to a crisp and had about 3 sprinkles of cheese. Restaurants need to start being held accountable for the products they put out. Money is tight with everyone now and people dont just have money to blow, so we expect to receive a decent product for our money. I called the restaurant to complain and nothing happens, they just get away with robbing us of our hard earned money. Smh.

Steven Starkey

It's domino's you know what your getting and I a fan of the thin crust

Julia Dugger

I love this store! I have never had an issue and the food is always great and their employees are always professional and kind!

Donald G.

I've been a long-time customer of the Wise Avenue Dominos. Never had a problem once with them taking any form of payment that includes loose change. But tonight I called in order food for my autistic daughter who's been screaming she wants pizza for hours. And I didn't have any money on my card I didn't have any actual cash but I collected all the quarters in my fucking house and all the dimes and nickels I had $21 even $16 in quarters $4 in dimes and a dollar in nickels. Should I place the order the girls took the order my delivery. So they told me 35 45 minutes I waited an hour or so I called them to find out why my food was taking so long the girl who just came in didn't even know what was going on she talk to her manager it turns out the fucking manager cancelled my order didn't call me and canceled it because they don't accept loose change. Which is a load of shit they've accepted my Loose Change plenty of times because my family doesn't exactly roll around in the cash that it takes to pay for Domino's food. I I think it's a fucking travesty that they can't even accept loose change for two medium pizzas. And I was giving a $4 tip for accepting the fucking change. After 10 years of being a customer and loving their food I'm done I'm done cuz now I'm forced to walk to another place to get food for my daughter because they want to be prudish assholes. Fuck you Domino's

Amani White

One of the best pizza places ever!????

Tonia Lafage

The pizza was burnt n didn't taste very good like usual.they didn't cut the cheese bread.there food is usually good not this time.

Wendy Marshall

First time ordering more than pizza and it was impressive. chicken w/ bacon and tomatoes were amazing Cinnamon bread was FAntastic. Better than others I purchased recently from a competitor. Happy Family

Evita Emery

Very poor service, I called to order for delivery they told me they don’t deliver to my address when they just did 2 weeks ago. When I went to ask the lady why, she hung up on me.

Christopher Sapia

Easy to use and user friendly!

s brown

Our delivery was delivered hot and on time! All good! Delivery driver was a nice guy!

Daniel M.

My wife and I decided to order from here on a whim, and were pleasantly surprised at how much their quality has improved over the years! The pizzas were excellent, so much so that we have ordered FOUR MORE TIMES in the past two weeks! We always get our pizzas hand tossed with hearty marinara sauce and toppings of our choice. The garlic flavored crust is great; my wife would usually always leave her crust behind, but now she eats every bite! Domino's has now entered into our regular rotation

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