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Me and my wife came in on 9-20-21 around 2pm for lunch. The day was beautiful so we were seated outside as requested . ?We sat at our table for about 1/2 hour and nobody ever came to our table to even see if we wanted drinks. ?We were there waiting so long that the people next to us asked if they forgot about us?We sat there for another 5 minutes with no response, so we decided to get up and leave.?Horrible experience ? we thought this was a nice place- thought wrong…..!!!

Kim Callaghan

The servers are really top notch, very attentive, very helpful. The restaurant is very clean & well kept & the food is beyond amazing. The flavor combinations are both interesting & classic, great recipes for classic dishes, highly recommend. Definitely a place to try & then keep coming back.

Emily Caban

I’m normally not one to write a review, but, I got the chincoteague roll here and was very disappointed. It was mostly just rice and It was supposed to have crab inside but I did not see any. The tuna nachos are nothing to write home about, and the fish and chips were soggy. For the price I expected better quality.

Mike Schaefer

Fantastic lunch! This little gem of a sandwich is called the Ocean 11. Bring an appetite. Well done to the staff, keep up the good work!

Jill Carter

My go to - excellent food, options and service. Can’t go wrong choosing this restaurant.

Kadee Exploring

OK. Had high hopes based on the reviews.Ordered the green Fried tomatoes, breading was crisp, however tomatoes were too wet for the breading to stay on. Once you gather all the components of the dish on your fork, the flavor is good. Calamari seemed fresh and the texture was good as well, but they were a bit on the under fried side. Fried oysters were delish! Very clean and fresh tasting.For main dishes ordered the Carolina trout. The fish itself was good, gnocchi was a bit flavorless and served directly under the fish, leaving the gnocchi with an oily fishy flavor. Would do more justice to plate it on the side.The double crab cakes were just alright as well. A tad too much shell for my liking and the center is soft. Small hash style potatoes left me searching for salt and pepper. Bread is very good, light and crispy.Overall it's OK.Restaurant is clean. Staff is friendly and efficient.

Maria M

I can't wait to go back! Service was excellent.

carol scott

The fruit was lacking and looked old. What was most disconcerting was the meet in the butcher's case. It looked old and was beginning to brown and dried up. I entered the store around 2pm and certainly feel its meet shouldn't have looked so old, brown and dried. I can not imagine ANYONE would buy anything in that case.

Sarah Seitz

Absolutely enchanting from beginning to end. This is an elegant, yet down-to-earth establishment with impeccable service (Sabre is a GEM). My husband and I love walking up on date night and have yet to be disappointed. Their food, beverages, and desserts are truly outstanding. On special occasions, this is where my children ask to go because it’s magical and they feel appreciated. Thank you for being such a wonderful go-to I’m Catonsville.

Joseph Walsh

Rockfish special was delicious!Catonsville Gourmet always has great seafood dishes.

Donna Hayes

Went for happy hour. Ordered oysters and sushi. Both were good and reasonably priced. Might need more practice with shucking oysters. But overall is was great.

Donna H.

Went for happy hour. Ordered oysters and sushi. Both were good and reasonably priced. Might need more practice with shucking oysters. But overall is was great.

Ed Frere

Absolutely exquisite! First time here & we'll definitely be back. The wait staff was highly attentive and the food & drinks were delicious. Christian was our waiter & he was very helpful with their extensive menu, as was the lady head waiter (didn't get her name). The menu has a very extensive selection of seafood as well as steaks. The entrees have many dishes that are well defined+ you can pick from much if the seafood, select how you want it cooked, & pick your sauce and sides - so there's plenty to pick from. Pictured are the Fried Green Tomatoes Chesapeake for appetizer (plenty of crab), Halibut with a tropical chili sauce, the BigTuna also very tropical with shrimp, and a custom Mango Martini they made by pureeing the mango (which was very nice since they didn't already have any). We had Lemon Coconut Smith Island cake for dessert, not pictured. Overall, we loved the experience, it was for our anniversary and we'll be back. They do have much more moderately priced sandwiches for lunch and dinner that we'll be trying. Leaving this with, during the pandemic a few of our favorite drink and meal spots closed, Catonsville Gourmet will now be moving into one of those slots!

Monica B.

I came here for an after-work late lunch/early dinner. I had heard of this place for many years from friends and family and finally got to try it. I was pleasantly surprised to see their menu with such a big range of options. On this day I wasn't very hungry, so I shared a wings appetizer with my co-worker and I got a shrimp and grits. I accompanied this with a basil/lime cocktail which was very refreshing. I actually really enjoyed the appetizer; the wings were well cooked and the flavors were balanced. I thought the grits on the shrimp and grits were a bit grainy and dry, but I liked the overall taste of the food. I think this place is a solid 4 stars, and super close to 5 stars. I would have just like better grits, but everything else was great! I enjoyed seeing such a great variety of food choices in the menu, it made it so hard to pick a dish to eat! Can't wait to try more dishes from the Catonsville gourmet and their new location near my house, the Gourmet at Kenilworth

yvette Rice-Steward

After traveling all morning for my daughter's move to Maryland. What a wonderful tasty fresh farm/sea to table experience.Mike, Jeff were pleasant and inviting server and host. HATS OFF TO THE CHEFPERFECT COOKED RIBEYE AND LOBSTER.SEE YOU SOONGREETINGS FROM CHESAPEAKE BAYHAMPTON ROADS... TRAVELERS

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