Papa John's Pizza

618 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville
(410) 788-7272

Recent Reviews

Ric Armstrong

Pizza from this location always arrives fresh and fast.

Margit Clokey

Great customer service. Food was great for a friend.

Austin Pearsall (Unicron - The voice)

Delicious pizza, but expensive and inconsistent.The prices are very high; the specials help somewhat, but not a lot. It doesn't help that if you order a special through the app, you don't get any points. In other words, you could order 6 pizzas and if you did it through specials, you'd still get very few points.The quality also seems to vary from night to night. I ask for double extra cheese and extra sauce usually. Sometimes this means I get delicious extra cheese and sauce, sometimes I get thin pizzas that seem unchanged from the standard.

Emily S.

Ordered food and it was 45 minutes late. Waited in the living room and the app said delivered. They called but I didn't realise my old number was ok my account which is completely my fault but when I called the store the worker was extremely rude and distasteful. Had an attitude and cut me off mid sentence multiple times. I know it's tough working in fast food but that's no excuse for rudeness. I wasn't complaining I was polite but did not receive the same courtesy back. When I got my food some of my jalapeño poppers was just bread. Will not be ordering from here again.

Jason R.

Abesolutely ridiculous that your drivers don't have change. Some people don't use credit or debit cards.

Cynthia McDaniel

Food was good, service wasn't good.

IAmHeHeIsMe SoBlessed1

The day before i got the Buffalo chicken stuffed crust. Great tasting pizza, no complaints.I came back the next day to get a regular cheese stuffed crust. I was sooooo disappointed. The pizza was so thin it appeared to have nothing on it. I thought for a second they forgot to put any topping in it. This is how extremely thin the pizza was. It tasted like nothing. It was by far a waste of money. Neither me or my family ate it after taking one bite.I only gave them 2 ?'s because the pizza the day before was great. Would have given them 2 1/2 to 3 ?'s but the cheese pizza was really that bad!

sherri hawkins

Wonderful place ? Krissy made my order and it was GREAT!!!

Sierra Cortney

This place is one of my favorites! Convenient prices, considerable dishes and the staff are constantly friendly.

Tyler Perry

Horrible customer service. Womt deliever 2 miles from there location. Horrible experience trying to order food tonight and i definatly wont be going backor ordering takeout/delivery ever again. Maybe if the people working in there werent getting high before/during work maybe they would be able to do there job rite.

Mimi Christ

Papa Johns Victorious Pizza Delicious The Lord Mimi Christ

Jeanie P.

Papadillas were a real disappointment.  We loved these when they first came out last year - plenty of meat and filling - but now they have almost cut the contents in half. Way too much dough!  Maybe it's just the Edmondson Avenue location, but we are done with Papa John's. Also, there was a worker with his mask pulled down off his face, while all his co-workers had theirs on. C''mon man, the COVID numbers are increasing!  Do your part!

Ben Neustein

Set by corporate the prices are good.The delivery times to my location are very fast.The no contact delivery seems to be a challenge they still want to do a hand off.

Colin Crampton

Gave me the wrong order then come back to swap it out my order is gone. Wait from them to fix and they give me a pizza and DIDNT even start my cheese sticks. Then gets upsets when I set your still missing my order

Evangeline Lambert

My pizza came quickly and tasty I enjoyed it very much thank you

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