Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

6400 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville
(410) 744-0030

Recent Reviews

JK LaMothe

The chicken was good but, I asked for a gallon of sweet tea and it was not sweet at all. It didn't even taste like tea (terrible)

Doug Norman

Spent almost 40 minutes in the drive thru. Ordered 5 piece tenders...get home and I got a breast and a wing. This used to be a great Popeye's. Not anymore.

Yolanda Stephens

This was a great experience. The food was excellent. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Sapphyre Rodriguez

I love this Popeyes. They are always so professional and everything is always ready, fresh and clean.

Mithun Hossain

A good location ..Nicely kept ..Less crowded and less waiting time.

Brigitte Baker

Chicken sandwich and 2 pieces was very fresh , surprised for the time of night I we went.

Luke Yun

This place is a joke. Chicken is dried and old, order is all screwed up even if you order online, written clearly! So called manager dosn't know how to speak to the customer. Very nonprofessional. May need more education in school!

A.J. Colkitt

In the last 4 times I've been there, I have been missing food that I paid for. I get it if it's 1 or 2 times, but it's every time.

Clara Golden

The new chicken nuggets advertised on TV are not the same when I purchased them, they were not good at all. My niece in NY said the same thing. We will not purchase them again. The fries and biscuit were delicious.

Megann B.

So, I parked in the lot behind the restaraunt for about five minutes because I had to run into the UPS store to mail a package before getting my biscuits.When I was coming out of the UPS store, once again, about five minutes after parking, I saw my car was already hooked onto a tow truck. While yes, the lot was marked for Popeyes customers only, I thought I could run into a store next door before getting said biscuits. Who mails a package with greasy biscuit fingers, right? You always run the little errand before you get the food, or the food goes cold.Long story short, that tow truck was Louisiana fast!Do you guys pay someone to just watch the parking lot? And are you hiring?

Leron H.

Went to this Popeyes to try the new nuggets that I have been hearing about. I go to the drive thru place my order and was advise after paying there would be a five minute wait and to pull around. I had to wait over 20 minutes after being told five minutes the person bought the food never apologized for the wait. Just horrible customer service. I get the nuggets they were hot but mostly batter hardly any chicken. After waiting over 20 for batter and having bad service it was a complete waste of time. I will not be returning and I advise you to do the same. The lack of care for there customer is there specialty.

Tim Kelly

Everything we've gone there they have messed up our order. Drinks are pretty much bubbly water, biscuits under cooked. Can't even get the ranch packet right

JD Michaels

Horrible service... I was told to pull up front to wait for my food.... by the drive thru person.... which I shouldnt because I know they trying to keep their numbers down for good service. But I said ok.. I park and wait.... 1 car goes by... 2 car goes by... 3 then 4 then 5... all thru the drive thru... I go inside and my ticket was just hanging there and waited another 5min for my food...

Eden Pearce

Mild flavor Crispy chicken is really good plus the biscuit and mashed potatoes.

Al Drozdal

Chicken was good they gave me fries and not cole slaw with my shrimp and the shrimp was bottom of barrel and NOT 1/4 lbs at all. Bummer. Dried out shrimp not so good.

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