Sorrento's West

6220 Baltimore National Pike Ste 1, Catonsville
(410) 744-2600

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John Doe

I go there with my mom to get a sub special on Mondays. I LOVE THEIR SUBS they diffently fill me up every time. The staff members are extremely kind and I've never had any complaints about the portions. A whole sub is under $10.00 i believe. Good prices. Try their pizza also!

Laura Gandy

We stopped to get a pizza. We hadn't stopped in for a while due to pandemic reasons, and were hoping for a good pizza. I did get the well done pizza I asked for, and the toppings were generous, but the flavor was lacking-perhaps it was an off day. The staff were slammed, but helpful, and the restaurant was packed.

Yolanda Stephen

Good morning! I would like to say that this pizza was extremely good. It wasn't greasy and the crust was so light and fluffy. The staff was nice and they provided excellent customer service ??


this local business who doesn't appreciate your business treats you as if they are doing you a favor & everyone there is very rude & inconsiderate this is definitely not the same Sorrentos I used to patronize throughout the years, I recently started to order again from them since iI now drive past on my way home from work I've ordered big each time no less than once a week, the first few times I figured they were a bit overwhelmed so I didn't make an issue out of the quality their food i ordered in addition to 5 pizza's to feed my family each weekend my grandchildren visited after a few times of getting crumbled and bottom of the barrel food thrown in a bag that couldn't be eaten & were unrecognizable I began to pay attention to their shear lack of quality & attitude to go with it witnessing the same treatment with other patrons I realized they definitely take their customers for granted and act as though they are being forced into waiting on their patrons no hello how may I take your order? They say what do you want? or NEXT!!! With an attitude as well .. no thanks come again or any kind of customer service. Today was the final order from me I had driven home opened the food I ordered and the pizza's were basically sauce & crust hardly any topping at all.. they forgot my grandsons order & several items were unrecognizable I ended up throwing it all outside in my woods for the wildlife after I found a roach in one of the bags.. it gave me chills to think of how many times I took for granted that they actually took pride in their jobs & didn't make the best quality as years back, I simply understand ppl have bad days from Time to Time but to have same poor service & attitude each visit that was worse each time is unacceptable. Please do your family a favor there is so many old school & new businesses in Catonsville that are happy and welcoming of your business & care about the cleanliness and quality of food they give their customers.. Long winded but had to be said.

Cory Smaglik

good for the price. Cheesesteak are not bad I have not have the pizza yet


I was visiting some old spots. Just stopped in. Cheesesteak is still delicious after 8 years

Bob Johnson

Pizza and sandwiches have been so-so. It is really inexpensive and a lot for your dough, just pretty mediocre.

William Hayes

Young lady at front was extremely rude. When I went to the register to pick up my carryout order she asked "Wheres the money?" Shocked, I asked her to repeat herself. She said "WHERES THE MONEY?!" angrily and loudly. I was then harassed by customers in the store about my skin color.I've been ordering food from Sorrentos since the 90's, but will never be giving them my money again. They increased the prices anyway. Later!

Will Hayes

Young lady at front was extremely rude. When I went to the register to pick up my carryout order she asked "Wheres the money?" Shocked, I asked her to repeat herself. She said "WHERES THE MONEY?!" angrily and loudly. I was then harassed by customers in the store about my skin color.

Elizabeth Ciganek

The pizza was delicious! And the fries were a huge amount that could be split between multiple people. Great value.

Debby B.

ordered food for my elderly parents today. mom wanted crab cakes; dad wings. crab cakes were so hard and small, mom couldn't eat them. dad said wings were very small. They said food was horrible. They did like the soup. For almost $60 through Grubhub, definitely not worth the price. Sorrento's on Baltimore National Pike is definitely better.

Erica Boothe

My goodness! This is some good a$$ pizza! No lie! The 3 star rating is undeserving!haven't been to Sorrento's since I was in middle school. I stopped in a week ago on a Saturday just for a single slice of pepperoni pizza and I can say with pride, it's exactly how I remembered. Cheesy, buttery crust, hot! Perfect! I wish I would have gotten 2. I dined in, the phone never stopped ringing. The wait time was 15-20 mins, noted!!The next day, Sunday, I wanted Sorrento's again. This time I just wanted to order take out and come home to enjoy it. I tried ordering by calling the number on Google and Yelp several times. Back to back for at least 30 mins. I received a voicemail recording every single time. Finally, I just went to the place. It was around 8pm on a Sunday. I wanted a half cheesesteak sub and 1 slice of pepperoni pizza. Sadly the lady informed me they stop selling pizza by the slice at nice! HUGE BUMMER. The wait time for my cheesesteak was 15 mins, it took about 30. I should have eaten it in there because by the time I got home (just 10 mins of a drive) the sub was so soggy. Next time I'll get the sub plain with the fixings on the side!Sunday - Thursday you can get a whole cheesesteak, regular cold cut or meatball sub for $9.99. Totally worth it because a half side is about $8.

Christopher Kerins

They are racist staff against white people in because I was the only white person in line when I was denied service for having a shirt over my face after I already ordered

Benjamin Simpler

Food was good but they forgot one of our subs. Be sure to check your order before you leave.

Bettye Haskins

Steak sub special is good. Cordial staff

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