2222 Dundalk Ave, Dundalk
(410) 282-2222

Recent Reviews

Gil Hernandez

Worst ever. The fat little pig with an attitude at the drive thru let us all sit in line for nearly 10 minutes before coming to the 1st window to pull us up. It’s attitudes and problems 2 times a week at least from the drive thru. Never again.


This location usually rocks the drive thru really well. Never had a complaint about my food or the people. It's always another customer causing problems or delays.

Courtney ONeal

I ordered a cheeseburger happy meal for my grand daughter. I get it home only to find fries and a toy no cheeseburger.

kathe oquinn

Worst double hamburger I've ever gotten from McDonalds. Old. Dry. Bad flavor. So dissatisfied.☹


Food was good definitely a mcdonald's though. When i went staff was all teen and the food took awhile to get to me

Patrick Dougherty

I had the chicken sandwich on with tomato,lettuce and mayo. It was great!!!

Daphne Yurche

Enjoyed good food with great coupons

Cyndi Heinecke

I don't know if it was the remodel but great drive thru experience

Aaron Whitaker

The food is good. False advertisement on milk shakes. Never have any.

John O'Donnell

Great place for a quick drive through meal!! Good and timely!!♥️

Kelly “Kellz” Blanchfield

I love this Mcdonald's store. It's right by my ?house n the staff is nice and the food is made quickly and everyone is polite. I'd recommend this place to anyone who ?‍♀️?❤ fast food and has money to eat out.

Nora Sheppard

Depending upon the time of day your experience will be great, but sometimes not.

John Sherrill

The drive through ordering was perfect, just waiting a little longer for my order (which was simple) was the only disappointment.

Cindy Richards

Breakfast was good just wish they would put napkins in the bag had to wipe grease on my husband's work clothes

Debra Diveley

Check your order. Has a hard time with filling order correctly. No nuggets in the happy meal. Six sauces though! Try explaining that to a six year old!

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