KSB African and Caribbean Cuisine

8902 B Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 668-2100

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Geri W.

This restaurant is wonderful in its variety, flavors and friendliness. I asked for help choosing a vegetarian dish and got spinach stew with fufu, along with the gingery yam corn fritters appetizer. I also ate the cabbage stew and a plantain and some roti from the entree of my partner who enjoyed his curry roti chicken. It was all wonderfully flavored but not too intense with the heat level. I would definitely return if I am close by again.

Adriana grande Arianator

I’m very unhappy with my prefer today. I ordered jerk chicken with extra sauce and there is no sauce what so ever. It’s very dry. Very nice young man at the desk though. But I won’t be returning.

Tia Coxson

My Husband and say had a taste for Caribbean food so I googled best Caribbean food near White marsh. My husband picked up the food brought it home the cabbage was old and burnt the rice was old hard and the jerk chicken was baked chicken with jerk sauce.Not Good at all

LaDean Owley

I go here at least once a week for the veggie platter. The customer service is always exceptional and the food is amazing. Fresh and made with love. The curried cabbage is heavenly but the mac and cheese is to die for. I have warmed it up two days later and it is still just as amazing as day one. Full of flavor not salty or bland, perfectly seasoned. A true gem in parkville!

Nneka Nneka

The food is amazing ? being Nigerian and my husband Ghanaian we were a little nervous. We both agreed the food is superb and we will return. DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE 1 STAR REVIEWS THEY’RE FAKETHE FOOD IS VERY GOOD I MYSELF AM A COOK SO I’M SUPER PICKY GO TRY IT I’M SURE YOU WILL LIKE [email protected]@cookingwithnneka

Verity Simpson

The staff at KSB are professional and pleasant. I enjoy eating their wache, jellof, spinach and goat kebab. The spices on the goat kebab is delicious. I've been searching for a Ghanaian restaurant in Baltimore County and closer to my home. Now I do not have to travel to DC, NY or NJ. Please support them. Your belly will be grateful.

Courtney S.

The food is superb! It's very hard to find Ghanaian food in this area. And the food was fresh that's a plus for African restaurant! I will be returning!

Nikki Le

Best Spinach stew and fufu I have ever tasted… I order it almost once or twice a week. I always order it with fish. The place is clean, great music, quick service, and Fantastic customer service. I will continue to order from this place!

Rhoda N.

Great food. Exceptional menu. Exceptional service! We had the curry goat dish, future & ground nut soup, grilled goat meat and fish. Their organic juices are really tasty too! Flavors include carrots, beets, soursop, and papaya. We got soursop... and one for the road.

Sylvia Buckson

I Was very unhappy with my order. The young guy at the front was such a great guy with a great personality and when I talk to the manager she told me I can get a refund right away so with that being said maybe they were having a bad day the jerk chicken did not taste like jerk chicken at all it just taste like some chicken with pepper on it, but maybe it’s something else that I have to try may be on the African side the food is great

Maria Nicolette

I was originally looking for a Carribean restaurant in Parkville, craving some comfort food and Soooo happy I found this place. Ironically I didn't order my original intent of snapper with rice and peas and ended up ordering fufu with light soup and I tell you , it did not disappoint. It was delicious and so filling, spicy and thick.. I couldn't even finish the whole thing...I also ordered a side of plantains which barely made it home.The inside was clean, and the young man was kind enough to bring out my food. ( I decided to wait in the car, since he originally said about 20 minutes, but it was ready very quickly). A gracious thank you to both him and the cook. I will definitely be coming back to try the Caribbean food next time. ?

April Crowder

When I tell you I have been searching 2 wks for Authentic Caribbean & African food...Jesus answers prayers?? I was at KSB as soon as they opened today. The restaurant is clean, comfy, and quaint. A young gentleman greeted me as I placed my order for curry chicken,peas & rice, cabbage, plantain & joloff Rice w/ baked chicken , veggies. I waited 20 mins longer than expected but when the food is made to order, pipping hot, aromatic spices, tender juicy chicken, seasoned well, nice healthy portions...it is worth the wait. KSB I just traveled to the motherland. This food is an experience and nurturing to my soul. Customer service was excellent. The young man told me it would be ready soon. He apologized for the delay and offered me a drink. Honey I already told my foodie friends. We are nurses and we need food to nurture the soul. KSB I will be back.

ray cameron

Last week we noticed KSB when we went to Pavan Foods next door and immediately went in to get a menu. I was excited to see African ( and Caribbean) cuisine so close to home. Last night we ordered $90 worth of their cuisine to get an idea if this place was a keeper....and it is !!! All the dishes, Oxtail, Jallof, Waakye, and Spinach Stew were awesome. I love the way the meats are used in this cuisine to season all the different varieties of rice in each dish, and preparation of the rice is exquisite.The plantains, coconut rice & peas, and meat pies ($2!!) were all delicious. They were out of the Kose and Kanklo, but I cant wait to try them next time as well as the Fufu, Kenkey, Banku, and Obolo. Great place !!

Joseph D.

I'm in love with this place, once I found out it's Ghanaian. I order and come there to eat often. As a Ghanaian is so hard to find food from my culture. But I'm blessed to live close by and I have taken my friends to it, they both loved it. The food reminds me just like how my mother makes it. Recommend!!

Kristina S.

food was IMPECCABLE, I would go back to Maryland just for this one restaurant, it's worth it

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KSB African and Caribbean Cuisine

8902 B Harford Rd, Parkville, MD 21234
(410) 668-2100