Luigi's Pizza & Sub

2035 E Joppa Rd, Parkville
(410) 882-1728

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Daniel Pence

I used to love this place, it used to be my go to places for cheesesteaks and burgers, but their meat quality over the last 2-3 months has dropped significantly. It could be supply issues due to covid or something, I don't know. But the food is just not good anymore, and I used to rate them at 5 stars. Please get back your old meat supplier asap.

Alicia P.

Super gressy just like you would expect and want for a late night pizza after drinking with friends. We did the buy one get one free pizza. Two extra large pizzas, one cheese and one beef. As long as you're eating it extra hot all the flavors are there, once it started to cool down it definitely could've used a pinch of salt. All in all we'd definitely take advantage of this location again.

Basanta Ghimire

Really unprofessional staff, they took 45 minutes to prepare just 4 subs. I strongly don’t recommend this place. Sorry for that

Jeff Beans

It is solid. I ordered via Slyce App so I got there after my food had been made. It would have been preferable to be there sooner for heat reasons but it was good.

Ryan Sotto

Was in the area so I went in to pick up an order we placed online and I noticed nobody was wearing a mask and the cooks weren’t wearing gloves AT ALL. Astonishing. We were starving so we took the risk and oh my - the pizza was extremely bland and the cheesesteak meat tasted like some steak meat you’d find at the dollar store. Very disappointing. I will not be returning!

Kelsey M

Ordered from here by accident. Looked at the reviews from Luigi’s in Timonium. Big mistake. Everything I received appears to be at least 3 days old.

Anastasia Dehaghi

First time ever ordering from this spot. We got a bunch of grilled chicken subs, pizzas, and wings. Pizza and wings were not the best, but we were surprised at our subs. They were huge (probably the biggest I've ever seen) and the amount of meat inside was a good bonus. It was really a lot . I've ordered subs from other places but a lot of places are trying to put less toppings inside . This spot put probably 3 times more chicken and everything else was 3 times more and they tasted great . We will definitely be back for the same subs!

Sarah W.

Ordered a buffalo chicken cheesesteak and Philly cheesesteak. They were HUGE, overstuffed and had great flavor. The only downfall was they didn't read the addition comments but they happily refunded the order. I would order from them again!

Danielle Faraone

Just ordered delivery for a cheeseburger kids meal which was ok with a Caesar salad and 10 mild fried hard buffalo wings the food came on time but was horrible the used just iceberg lettuce for the salad and put to much lettuce not enough toppings or meat and the wings were mushy and soft and looked as if they had no sauce on them ate em and they had no flavor but the cheeseburger kids meal was fine but the fries lacked seasoning i will definitely never order from here again and you SHOULD SAVE YOUR MONEY AS WELL!!!!!! You will thank me later

Jane Miraglia

Ordered take out and my sub was delivered in less than 45 minutes. Will be ordering again!

Stephen Thompson

Best pizza around. Season’s doesn’t even come close. You can tell they use fresh top of the line products too. Cheese is stringy and delicious and I love the crust and sauce. A forever weekly ordering customer. Thank you guys!!


Ordered from here by accident. Looked at the reviews from Luigi’s in Timonium. Big mistake. Everything I received appears to be at least 3 days old.

Mike F.

Cheesesteak was great

Tom Barto

completely scratch made! The best in Race City.

James Phillips

The customer service was amazing. The driver who delivered my order was so fast and polite not to mention all of my food was fresh and hot. I’ll definitely be referring my friends to order from here

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