2107 E Joppa Rd, Baltimore
(410) 668-0346

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Adam Laws (Seriustruth)

It would be nice if the drive-thru staff could give as much attention to the patrons as she did her cell phone. No eye contact, no hello, no thank you, no goodbyes. Just hand me your money while I text, here's your change, text, text, text. ??? I ordered a chicken sandwich. Very telling by how dry it was it had been under the heat lamps for far too long. Seriously, if a zero star was possible I would leave that instead. I'm just not in the habit of paying for bad service!

Hunter Dill

Avoid this motherf*cker like the covid was sitting in the drive thu 30 min an Noone even came to the radio editThis was a different time 15 minutes literally just to get ice cream

Kalil Jones

Here around midnight on a Friday, 2 employees, one leaves to take a personal phone call that was clearly gossip and drama from what I could hear. Waiting with another customer who's been waiting for 25 min. Save your time and money and go somewhere else. Other employee returns after about 12 min.

govin sapkota

For one month i am been checking and at night time after 12:am their system is down. I can see 3-4 people inside sitting in table and having group talk but do not even reply for drivethru call... in uber eat order after 12am they say they did not receive any uber eat order ... it really sucks


McDonald's should really update their hours listed online. Most of the locations in my area, including this one, are not serving or even responsive in the drive thru late at night. I get it. You need to clean and do stuff late at night but be closed. Do not show as a 24 hour business if you aren't. I get off of work at 3am. I just want something to eat.

Bobbigail Burden

Always out of ice cream or shakes. Today it was out of ice. Fish sandwich buns are usually hard. Eh. We usually go to a different one. Even tho this one is nearby. People are nice though.

Jennifer B.

Where to begin... I guess I should start by saying, if I could give a 0 I would. This McDonald's is just awful. It is so bad that I just went home and cried after my last visit. When I say last I mean, I will NEVER go back. We are new to the area and this is the closest McDonald's to my house. I am not really a fan of McD's but my son loves him some nuggets and smoothies. The first time I went they had me pull up to wait on the smoothie. After about 5 minutes a girl started a slow stroll out to my car, cell phone in hand with eyes fixated on said phone. Once she FINALLY reached the car she extended her arm slightly to reach my window. Not even looking up or as much as a slight glance of the eye she flipped her hair and turned around for her journey back to the building, still fixated on the phone. The second and last time I went to this location there was someone at the outer order screen but not the inner. So of course I went to the inner. I sat and sat. Finally someone said, "Can I take your order". I proceeded to give my order and then there was just dead air. As I was giving my order someone had pulled up to the other screen. While I sit with silence I heard someone outside talking. I looked over and they were giving their order. Then another, and another. Now there is a line about 5 cars deep behind me. Finally, someone comes on and says "Can I take your order". I was like, "um... Yeah, we already did that and then I watched 3 other cars pull through". Then she was very rude and said, "What do you want to order?!" I tried again to tell her I had already ordered but she just repeated herself very loudly. So I repeated my order in a calm matter to which she said that the smoothie machine was down. So now I'm just getting nuggets after all this wait. Oh but she did let me know that only one person was there to take orders. So I guess that means they can only help at one of the order screens??? I have had nothing but long waits in stupid lines since I've moved to this area. When I say stupid it is because I have worked my entire career in customer service. I can see what these transactions are and none of them should be taking as long as they are. So when I got to this McDonalds and was treated as poorly as I was that was it for me. I was spent. I just went home and cried over the emotional stress of it all. Just as customer service representatives are asking customers to be kind, they have to remember it goes both ways. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Teagan Scott

Lazy employees. They purposefully made my order wrong.Put a fish sandwich in a double quarter pound box. (I ordered the double quarter pounder)If you want to have your order made by people with dementia, go here.


Food was outstanding this morning. Had the Sausage Egg McMuffin, hashbrown, and a Dr. Pepper.

Renee “RenMar”

Order was wrong. Outside was too long of a line. When I went in they moved too slow. They were very unprofessional. All I got was a large fry and a iced coffee. It took 10 minutes then it was wrong. Fries were greasy.

Brian Hunter

This place is a joke. Slowest service. Orders wrong. And magically turns into “cash only” at night. Strange, I paid with a card, and the woman told another customer “cash only” as she swiped my card. 24 hour is awesome but prepare to spend 30 minutes at least in the drive through post 11pm

Damien Dickerson

For the volume of cars they were trying to get through, the team did an excellent job. Food was hot and fresh and the personnel was very polite.

Carole V Wiseman

Poor service at your Parkville McDonalds. Why do they only accept cash after 10pm? They say their cash registers are down.

Sarah Foxwell

I normally don't have any issues with this McDonald's but for the past month. When I come after 9 they are not taking orders. I spoke to the general manager last week and they where supposed to have someone call me. Well I took a chance last night at 9:15 pm and tried the drive thu and they were still telling people they are not taking orders. Can some one please reach out to me.

Aaron Prothero

"24 hours" is a joke. I have worked food service for the last few years, so I completely get that some times there are things that go beyond the staffs control. The people behind the counter are just that; 'People'. The issue with this location is that if you go here after about 11PM there is no service. I don't even mean that they are slow, since tht I could completely understand. No, this location does not make a single sale when you try to go there late night, and yet there is staff inside being paid to stand around and do nothing.I figured tonight I would give it a final try and put in a curbside pick up and then checked into my spot. I paid online with my card and set to wait for my order. About twenty minutes go by and then I get a confirmation that the order was ocmplete and 'Thanks for ordering, come again' on the app. This tells me that the App thinks I have my food, however I can assure you I did not. So I saw 2 gentleman sitting outside smoking and figured I would inquire. I told them I had a curbside pick up and was waiting and they said "Oh, we're not open tonight" to which I sais that the app let me order and that I had already paid. The one said "I'm just telling you what my manager told me to say" and then when I asked to speak to a manager they said "Oh, I am a manger." and yet they couldn't tell me at least how to cancel my order, since I clearly wasn't getting my food.I'm a patient man with little in the way of standards. Treat me right and we have no issues. This on the other hand is a blatant rip off, and I will be calling to speak to someone to at least make sure I get my money back. If you are not going to be serving customers after like 11 P.M. don't say that your store is 24 hours when you clearly are not.

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