Pavan Foods

8904 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 663-3201

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Zhane Destiny

Me & my boyfriend ordered food from them on a Saturday night. The menu was overwhelming. There was so many options and I didn’t know what to choose. At first, I was going to get a 32 oz of the chana masala and add an order of the samosas like I usually do... but I wanted to try other entrees as well. We placed an online order for the samosas (2 pieces), daal fry (8 oz.) chana masala (8 oz.), aloo Gobi (8 oz.) and two orders of the poori. All this totaled to $20 ? (this price doesn’t include the tax and my tip). When we arrived to pick up our food, the place was busy. People were standing around waiting for their food. We didn’t have to wait because our food had been ready 15 min. ago and it was still hot. The samosas were crispy & crusty. The filing was flavorful and very fluffy. I was looking for chutneys to come with the samosas but it didn’t. I guess you have to order that separately. The vegetables and legumes in each entree were tender. The spicy levels ranged from mild to spicy for each dish. The chana masala was spicy and a tad salty for my liking. I’m not big on salt but the dish was still good. I sopped up some of the chickpeas with my poori and dipped it into the sauces that I had. I was expecting the poori to be crispy fried bread but it was actually soft and flaky like a biscuit which I didn’t mind. The daal fry was spicer than the chana masala. I didn’t mind this because I can handle spice. It tasted great on top of the fluffy basmati rice. The aloo gobi wasn’t flavorful to me. I thought it needed more was mild. I’m a sauce girl and it wasn’t submerged in enough sauce like the other entrees. Also, there wasn’t much in the container. One 8 oz entree with the rice wouldn’t have been enough for one at least not for me. This size entree is like a snack or you can create a sampler like I did to be full. I suggest getting the food 16 oz. entrees. Also, order extra rice because the pint isn’t enough (of course not for two people). I thought the staff member said a pint comes with each entree when I talked to him prior to completing my order online. I don’t blame him - there just was a misunderstanding on my end.


Taste is absolutely fantastic. Prices are very reasonable.

Agni Mai

Probably the most authentic Indian food I have had in the United States, and I’ve eaten Indian food in every state I’ve been to (I’ve visited quite a few)! Highly recommend the vada pav, samosa, malai kofta, chana masala and of course the dosas! ♡ thank you Pavan!

Vishwanath Thondamala (Visu)

Snack time! Missing Indian chat this is the place to stop and get some Dahi poori and Chole poori

Rebekah C.

The food is delicious and affordable, it is generally fast and the staff is friendly. We also like that their menu has different offerings than a standard Indian restaurant menu!

Kim Taylor

Good Indian grocery, small... but good selection of items and don't miss the (made in house) vegetarian options for carry out. They close for a bit in the middle of the day, and sometimes for private events, so call ahead for hours, if you are not local... also closed on Mondays

Sarah Weissman

We tried this place after it was recommended by a number of people and we didn't love it. Perhaps it just isn't to our taste or we ordered a bad combination of foods. The dishes were very heavily spiced and too many things tasted of green chutney. The main dishes we ordered weren't as creamy as we like. A plus is that they have some kids options on the menu. My daughter loved the mango puree and poori.


I had Khaman Dhokla it was delicious !!!! Grocery store in the front restaurant in the back.... it was so good I ate it in the car and went back in for 2nds before driving off. I’ll definitely be trying more foods in the future.

Rajan Adhikari

Very tasty food...reasonable price...friendly staff

Pratima Tiwari

Simple yet authentic taste of food at reasonable price. Overall great place to visit for Indian food cravings!

Jesse G.

Pavan is the hands down the best South Indian food in Baltimore. We always order the chana masala with fried poori. It's incredibly flavorful and has a nice level of spice. It's pretty heavy and very filling. I could eat a bucket of this stuff.... Definitely get the chana masala. The dosa with sambar is also very delicious and a little on the lighter side. We got the appetizer platter for the first time and it was nice sampling some different options, but the different items are very doughy and a little sweet, which is not my favorite. The restaurant doesn't have indoor seating right now due to COVID and they seem to take good precautions. We just went to their website to place the order and were able to pick up the food pretty quickly. There's a nice park a few blocks over called Double Rocks Parks which is a nice place to enjoy the meal. Also, Pavan is a small grocery store with primarily dried goods. But you can get some interesting spices or snacks there. We've gotten some Kulfi to take along for dessert.

Aretha White

I had Khaman Dhokla it was delicious !!!! Grocery store in the front restaurant in the back.... it was so good I ate it in the car and went back in for 2nds before driving off. I’ll definitely be trying more foods in the future.

Brian McLane

Best vegetarian spot we have found. Great prices too! Thank you!

Megan Rodabaugh

Food is amazing ! Service is amazing !

Thatcher Butcher

Great hole in the wall. The front is a grocery store and the back is a restaurant. Great Indian food at a very reasonable price. They have become one of our go to places for carry out. Our 7 yr old loves their food.

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