Carrabba's Italian Grill

3754 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(301) 645-0094

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brian d faulk

Customer service was great, fresh food and yes it was great too. I shall return and I think you should go as well. They deserve four forks indicating great food.

Tyrie Williams (Ree Ree)

Food was good after I had ta leave tha hotel ta get utensils. Other then tht it was good service

NaeNae G

Great food as always and the waitress was nice but not that attenitive. Also, the restaurant wasn't packed at all another room to breathe and not wear your mask.


Fast service the employee have good eyes contact and smile it's remarkable

Chanel C.

Place is very dirty smells like old cheese food is microwaved and does not come out right not happy at all

Dominique Williams

I wanna like it here enough to give 5 stars. I really really do because the food is amazing. But I NEVER get good service when im here! They always seat me in the bar area where the bartender is overwhelmed with making drinks and trying to serve tables. Takes 10 minutes for simple things like a box or for her to come back for the check. I think I’m the future I will just stick to doing take-out :(

Phelix P.

This place doesn't deserve 1 star with the lack of integrity of the corporate office and managers. I was there with a friend maybe 6mos ago, my friend and I both ordered salads. I added blackened salmon to mine. After the salads were brought out, both looked edible; however, looks can be very deceiving when a restaurant is roach infested. We both, my friend and I began eating our salads, at the same time the waitress comes over to the table to check for accuracy and out crowls a baby roach from underneath the lettuce and on top of my salmon. Very startled and shocked at this experience, being as though this is by far one of my favorite restaurants. I asked the waitress is that what I think it is? She replied, what? I said there's a roach crawling on my salmon. She immediately grabs the salad, runs to the back and send the manager out. He comes out, tells me he saw the roach, he's at a lost for words and what could he do for me. At this time, all I wanted was to leave. I had already eaten a few bites of this salad, I was sick to the stomach. Needless to say, later that evening I grew sicker to the stomach and was taken to the ER and diagnosed with a bacteria infection. No one called from the restaurant, nor did I hear from them after 3 days. I called them. Still till this very day I've been trying to settle this with their corporate office and now their staff is trying to deny this incident. Last I spoke with corporate he told me that, he was told that the roach was dead. Does a dead roach in someone's food make the matter better?!

Shirley Z Fawley

our waitress made sure we had everything we needed and replenished our drinks without asking. which I like.

Linda W.

Messing up big time. My family orders regularly for deliveries. This is the second time the food tasted awful. For 80 bucks, it's time to speak up. The lasagna was pure mush with no meat, stuffed with cheese. It was like eating goo, if goo could be consumed. The kid spaghetti was a dry meatball with a hint of sauce. I had to try to fix it. No need to mention the other meals. Bottom line no one enjoyed their dinner for the second time. Doing my best to not make a third attempt. Get a new chef. Follow the original recipes.

Romualdo Colón-Adorno

The food, service, and ambiance was great! Will definitely be back for sure.

Kimberly Perry

The only thing on the menu that we can eat is the rigatoni Martino. The 1st and 3rd time we ordered it, it was delicious. This is our 4th time ordering it. We keep giving it another try because it was good the 1st and third time. This time and the second time, it tasted like the took left overs from people's plates and resold it. There were almost no mushrooms or sauce or dried tomatoes and someone smoked near it because the noodles smelled like cigarettes

Erin Mcclurkin

Good food. High price. Did not mention to my farther sides came with his food until he'd already finished his entry and was disappointed with portion and only than with promoting after I checked the menu which seemed shadey.

Christy Kiggins

Courtney and Landon were so nice, attentive and responsive. The food was also good, but I would definitely go back just for the customer service, which was top-notch.

Toni Gonzales

First time I been here. The food was great and hot. I will definitely go again.

Ivori Anthony

No wait time,Food came out in a Timely manner, Waitress polite and attentive,And Food so hot..When I packed up My Togo plate it was still steaming.. 6Stars.. Excellent ?

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