3365 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(301) 632-9776

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DWA Consulting

First time trying and the experience from the staff to the food was wonderful.

darnell n.

They've made improvements in their serving times but orders still take entirely too long. I think it's admirable to give opportunities to the local youth but they need to be supervised better than they are. Orders are wrong and it just seems like there is a general atmosphere of chaos as busy as it, typically, is. For the amount of staff they have working, at any given time, things should be better

John Keller

Ken Weikel's wonderful treat for dinner on Tuesday night.We ordered from home as curbside pickup, and we saw the order progress as we drove to the restaurant, pulled in, set our curb side space, and bingo, there was the order. A real treat, and a huge piece of chicken ? in that sandwich.

Brandi Noel

They shut down the one in the mall before the new one is open and now the line is absolutely outrageous and wait time is ridiculous. This was not thought through. Only reason I'm bringing my score back up is because your employees always give good service.

Dre Drake

There was a young man by the name of jelani that was great he really helped me and my elderly mother would recommend this place

Rhonda Oliver

Love the peach shake and the frozen lemonade. The new crunchy kale salad is pretty good too.

Raney K.

I hate to do this because I love chick-fil-a but i got a salad from here and it had a bunch of gnats in on the salad. I was really disappointed.

d Wood

Great fast food restaurant, prompt the food is always fresh and the service it's always top notch

Cheryl Woodard

Always super crowded. They run out of things like ice cream. The traffic flow blocks the main entry for the shopping center. I love Chicfila. They just need to figure the traffic situation out.

Nakeia B.

This chick fil stays very busy, but with the volume of customers the staff still remains friendly and my orders are always correct and the food I is always hot.

Stephanie Groves

Long lines but service was quick. And they were all pleasant at 930pm. Thank You!!

Sharon Harper

Great as always. The system they have in place is AMAZING. ALL the fast food and restaurants need to utilize their system.Chick-fil-A Academy

Degal Dupree

I ordered a Cobb salad this evening and was thoroughly disappointed. The lettuce was wilted, I had a few kernels of roasted corn, barely a sprinkle of cheese, and zero grape tomatoes. I could have made my own salad for this! This should be one of the easiest things they make. Definitely a waste of money!

Jon Bartosh

The food is consistently great. Service is always friendly. Easy 5 stars once the Chick-fil-A opens on the other side of the road, as the only detractor is the drive-through.

Haylee C.

dumb mf always forget my sauce bro every time i go. food great but they ALWAYS FORGET MY SAUCE. drive 30 minutes to go there and get home and no sauce. tf kinda bull is that

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