Jimmy John's

2481 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(240) 210-8227

Recent Reviews

Robyn Herndon

They do not give but one piece of meat and bread to thick. Tuna fish doesn't taste right. I will not be visiting them anymore.

Randi Shearod

The Spicy East Coast is on the menu and just right. I don't have to add or take away. I was always adding hot peppers to the Italian or the Vito.


Asked for a minute to look at the menu, was given about 20 seconds. Ordered a #8 Billy Club but got a #16 Club Lulu. Guy taking the order did confirm the order at the speaker but not the window and didn’t provide a receipt.

Margaret Rice

Love and support them. The sandwich are great ?. I was there three days ago. We eat out all the timeHere in WALDORF etc.

Janell MciLwain (That Real Estate Chick)

Haven’t had a Jimmy John sandwich in awhile. But, they are still awesome. Love #2 with provolone. Went through the drive through. Order correct as ordered. Friendly young man that greeted me at the window. But most importantly, sandwich was great. Fresh bread and condiments and as asked, cut in half.

Theresa Gunn

My experience was horrible. Overcharged me and got my order wrong. I thought I would give them a try never Again !!

Jenny&Jeff Sherman

They were out of the item I wanted, but I worked around that. People who work there were nice and friendly, and they masked. The place was clean and not crowded. Great bread, and I appreciate that, with the Little Johns, there's no need to overeat.

Tammy Jones

Placed an order like always. Usually get fantastic service. They did not fulfill my order. When I called and tried to ask the gentleman that answered the phone became agitated. I had my order number. That wasn't good enough. So he hung up on me. When I called back the manager did listen to what I had to say but never offered to rectify thier mistake. Very bad customer service. I will no longer order from them and neither will my co-workers. $$$$lost

Stephanie Beall

i get alright service when ordering delivery, however yall ALWAYS forget the condiments on the side and it’s extremely annoying when i ask for it EVERY single time. it always seems like there’s at least one thing wrong and forgotten. y’all really need to get it together and actually fulfill the orders smh.

Ramon Alejandro Jr

I love that you can customize your sandwich, so you only pay for what you need, and their bread?is very good also?

Clara Artley

This was 1st time having a sub! I was tired, hungry, depressed, and NO MONEY to spend on food! I was broke down not from here and sat 6hrs 3people offered to help in those 3hrs and one WAS AN ANGLE!!! She was on phone with her husband (who was having surgery in the morning which he offered to come out anyways! ) he walked her thru (she knew so much !!) to diagnose why my van wouldn’t start with NEW BATTERY! In the end she figured it out I slept in my van over night but SHE goes “here I got you a sandwich “ I wanted to cry! I accepted it hugged and she left. Local police kept eye out on me THANK YOU !! But that sandwich/sub OMG!! The bread!! I could eat that by itself!!! I’m not a sub person BECAUSE of the breads! I am very picky but WOW IT WAS GREAT!! THANK YOU CHARLENE for ALL YOU DID AND JJ- Jimmy Johns for making a great sub!!!

Samuel Burgess

Just goto subway lol it’s better

Doug Bruce

Very clean and very fast!

Donna Lawrence

I ordered a sandwich today and the bacon, and dijon mustard was missing, I also asked for the sandwich to be cut in half. I would not be this pettyto comment, but I had to pay 1.99 for the bacon. The sandwich still taste good, in the future could you please not rush and pay attention. Much appreciated.

Jorgina Parks

The healthy, good tasting lettuce wraps are amazing.

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