Jimmy John's

2481 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(240) 210-8227

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Ann P.

I had not had a sub from JJ's for a minute so I had one yesterday. Oh wow everything about it was perfect! I ordered the roast beef regular with tomatoes lettuce onions and mayo. The toppings were so fresh and outstanding. The onions you can tell were cut that day. Such a great place.

Donna Lawrence

I ordered a sandwich today and the bacon, and dijon mustard was missing, I also asked for the sandwich to be cut in half. I would not be this pettyto comment, but I had to pay 1.99 for the bacon. The sandwich still taste good, in the future could you please not rush and pay attention. Much appreciated.

Jorgina Parks

The healthy, good tasting lettuce wraps are amazing.

Kai Reed

Excellent service. Sandwich was ready when I arrived and made exactly how I ordered it

Danielle Wiggington

Food is good, employees not so much. I stand at the counter and wait for someone to say hello or something. Nothing. No smiles. No customer services skills whatsoever. I have to initiate the conversation because I’m the customer right? No thank you no anything. Learn to human, please.

John B.

Catering Experts!! While I've always enjoyed JJ's great sandwiches, I only recently experienced their professionalism in catering. I hosted a retirement event for two of my best workers recently. When I visited JJ's to ask about sandwiches, chips, cookies and soft drinks, their team to terrific care of me; explaining a variety of tasty, affordable options that really pleased my thirty guests! I'll always call on them going forward for these kinds of events. Reliable, friendly and professional. Thanks, JJ's!!

adrian hobbs

The unwich is amazing and fresh! Great store!

Elle S.

Placed an order online for a Gargantuan Unwich this evening at the Waldorf, Md location and I must say, this is the best Unwich I've ever eaten! It was wrapped in the lettuce neatly and securely and didn't lack anything. From other JJ's franchises, although the taste would range from okay to good, it's always messy and falling apart. Today's Unwich was the opposite and didn't lack anything; was perfect! I Would definitely reorder from this location!

Allen Lechliter

Food was great and the service was wonderful. Will definitely return when I'm close to one.

Rob Thurber

Terrible service. Over 50 minutes for delivery and did not bring everything we ordered. Disappointed.

Robert Wilson

Good food, good service, pleasing atmosphere, this makes for a great place to go for lunch needs. The prices, an additional bonus. These parts taken individually make for a good place.Put these together and this good place becomes a very good place.Go and enjoy.

Mimi I.

Pictue it..... Superbowl Sunday, 3:03pm, and it's snowing. Your family decides they want subs. Skeptical that you can get anythiing delivered without having to wait for hours, given that it's the day of the big game, you try your luck for the first time with Jimmy John's. You place your order online and settle in for the long wait.

At 3:17pm your doorbell rings. You think, "there is no possible way that is the food" ........you open ther door and there are your fresh sandwiches!  Literally 14 minutes after placing the order, they arrived.... and we don't live across the street either.

I am thoroughly impressed with the delivery service and the sandwichwes were yummy too. Kudos to Jimmy John's in Waldorf, MD!


Got my free Tmobile Tuesday $3 sub. Fresh & delicious!


Of course Fast & friendly service, with indoor seating. A little hard to get in & out of the parking lot due to traffic on 301, but that is not JJ's fault.

Lauri Butler

Good flow of traffic. Tasty food

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