Sakura Japanese Steak, Seafood House & Sushi Bar

3205 Plaza Dr #4861, Waldorf
(301) 870-1666

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Octavia Bowman

First time eating at Sakura. I enjoyed myself, the chef was great and the food was great. Definitely going back.


This place is very entertaining but there's teriyaki chicken is a little too dry and salty but overall it was very good 8 out of 10

Margaret Webb

We went for my daughter's 11 birthday, and the food was great the chef was wonderful and funny

Terry Mcclay

It was Amaaaazing, Everything was Absolutely Delicious, service was top notch, very pleased, Wonderful Mother's Day Dinner ? I had Sushi and Seafood tempura

Lulu Alleyne

My first time here and it was an awesome way to end my graduation day. I took home more than half of the meal. It was worth it.

Will Vann

Food is good and the cooks are solid. Definitely a great spot to take kids. They also have some good cocktails as well.

michelle savage

I enjoyed this visit, I guess. Our chef was very entertaining compared to the others. The food was just ok. I suppose I should know not to get lobster from this type of establishment. I didn't get my shrimp appetizer. The others that didn't get their shrimp appetizers got theirs. I think mine were used to throw. I'm good with sacrificing for entertainment.

Veronica Faison

Love Sakura. Good place to spend with family while experiencing the food and entertainment. If you have a food allergy, make sure you tell them... constantly. My friend has a seafood allergy, we told them, they cooked his food with seafood....

Edie Peterson

Our chef was amazing! Very attentive and food was awesome! Other service could use some tips from him. Food was excellent. Other than the sticky tables and chairs, great!!!

Domonquine Howard

Took my mother and family here for her birthday SO MUCH FUN ! the chef was amazing super funny very creative. Interacted with us. Just an awesome experience food was super hot and amazing. They give you so much food. Not expensive at all. Highly recommend love it here.

Melanie S.

Walked in and was told me and my 1 year old couldn't be seated because our party of two was too small and they didn't have enough staff. I asked why a family already sitting at a hibachi table was being served and they said because it was 4 or more people.. A couple that walked in behind me offered to sit with us and they still tried to sit us at a regular table. I requested hibachi again because I saw the family of 5 with 4 children waiting at the hibachu table for their chef. I was then told I couldn't sit down because they don't serve guests under 5 years old at the hibachi table. This was not true because two of the children at the table appeared to be under 5 and I had just eaten at the Bowie location with my 1 year old with no problem. I walked out immediately and began this review. Please don't patronize this business if you have a toddler. I will not return

Valerie Foster-Scott

I loved everything! The grill, the sushi, the delicious green tea! The atmosphere, I felt very welcomed and safe while I enjoyed my meal with family ♥️ definitely going again real soon ❤

Dwight Mayhand

Nice food. Good service. I skip the show and stick to the regular table service.

Jackie Willett

I ordered steak & shrimp dinner before my friend order sushi and she finished her dinnerand sat there for probably 15 minutes before my food arrived. I ordered med. Well and got well done..

Cherice Richardson

Sushi, soup and saki was great. The show was great and the waitresses were very kind and attentive. Loved it.

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Sakura Japanese Steak, Seafood House & Sushi Bar

3205 Plaza Dr #4861, Waldorf, MD 20603
(301) 870-1666