Allagash Brewing Company

50 Industrial Way, Portland
(207) 878-5385

Recent Reviews

Emma C.

If you are looking for a snack at Allagash Brewing Company .... The lobster rolls from Bite Into Maine are good but the pretzels with beer cheese sauce????? Cannot be beat - a must order. Best, most unique cheese sauce I've encountered. Pumpkin Sour Beer was delightful. Great, spacious outdoor area. Come here with your dog so I can pet them.

John Regula

Very cool environment! The beer was fantastic too. It’s surrounded by a bunch of other fun breweries as well. Highly recommend stopping by if you’re visiting Portland and enjoy craft beer.

Steve Koenemann

Extremely good beers in a great location. Lunch at the Food truck onsite was very good too... a great brat!

Jessica P

Loved the stout. Great outside area. Many tables and a delicious food truck ! Bathrooms were porta potties which was ehh… but a sink with running water to wash hands which was great ! Enjoyed the vibe and social distancing of the tables. They had jumbo jenga and corn hole.

Clinton Lewis

Nice spot out side with good beer. Friendly staff and they have a great food truck. Only thing is I wished they had a smaller pour to try more at their OG location as a 10oz is a lot to have so.e more then just a sip. I understand as it is probably a covid thing and its less dishes to wash.

Carrie G.

Super cute place to come and hang out! The place is a lot smaller than I thought though. This place takes COVID very seriously. No guests are allowed inside hte brewery. Everything is essentially outdoors. Including the bathroom porta-potty's. My favorite beer was the little grove with pressed apple and cranberry. It had the perfect amount of sweetness to it. THe From Maine with love #8 was very low in alcohol which was great for me but it didn't have much of a taste in flavor. It was just a very light hoppy beer. The cool ship pomme was not to my liking but my husband enjoyed it! For food they have the bite into Maine food truck which was AMAZING! One of the best lobster rolls in my opinion is from here so definitely check it out they have a lobster roll flight so that's always a good choice. Grab your food and beer and sit down at the tables that are outside. There's also a game of cornhole available.

Maria P.

This was our last stop of the day (mostly because we wanted to wait for the line to die down). My husband had been here before and he was eager to come back. I'm glad we were able to make it- the staff were friendly and the beer was really good. They had a food truck but we just wanted a snack, so we got chips. Definitely a must stop if visiting Portland

Scooter S.

My first trip to the brewery and it didn't disappoint! I always loved Allagash beer and my experience was great! Fun outside seating with a chill vibe. The food truck with the lobster roll was great!

Yuan K.

What a fun brewery that lives up to its reputation! We arrived early on Sunday and spent a couple hours sampling beers and the incredible food truck offerings. I'm 100% the target demographic for Little Grove and Two Lights. I wish there was a flight option, because even the half pours were quite large. Parking was easy, service was quick, and it didn't feel crowded until we were about ready to leave. And for everyone complaining about the porta-potty situation-- I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and fresh these facilities were, plus there was a big sink with running water.

Daniel C.

Preface: Many, many years ago I had a subscription to a craft beer magazine. In it a list of "Must Try Beers" would be generated yearly. Being from San Antonio, Texas the possibility of ever enjoying some of these beers seemed as distant as the places from which they originated. Thus Russian River's "Pliny The Elder" dbl ipa or Three Floyd's "Zombie Dust" pale ale achieved mythical status unsullied by time. Indelibly on any of those lists Allagash's, "White" wheat beer would be placed prominently at the top. Years thereafter Tavour, a site that sells craft beer at a gazillion percent markup was offering their items. As luck would have it I was informed "White" was on a year waiting list. I was able instead to purchase two "Sun Drift" fruit beer singles in bottles. But time has a funny way in which to idealize things. The further we are from the object of our desire the greater expectations become. Which brings me to the Allagash Brewing Co. as I was in Portland on an ever so brief sabbatical. Main Piecemeal: As a craft beer enthusiast one thing I've learned is that a brewery may create an excellent beer but it's ability to present it is what defines it. By that standard my experience at Allagash Brewing was a disappointment. Me and my company planned this to be the Grand Finale of our stay there. We went there early as reviews gave me the impression this place fills up quickly. The place is good sized with finite parking space but that changes as it gets later. The first odd detail is that you get stamped on your hand before you enter. I've been to many a brewery and I have never seen this before. The host said it is to prevent barhopping but that community seems more evolved than that. Any building or business is arbitrary. It's my belief that the staff are what makes us come back or turns us away. At that capacity everyone here were not personable or welcoming. Mind you if the place is full I do not expect that to happen but it was not busy. For example when we went to get our pours the people in front of us were obliged to try samples. When we made the same request we were denied by the tap master. As I placed my order the server did not even look at us. No niceties no engagement whatsoever. Subsiding their beers I was anticipating some sort of a connection especially a brewery of this calibre. The place was devoid of any personality or charm. So we sat in their patio area since the indoor taproom was closed. I understand that the age of Covid has disrupted all facets of life. I still believe you can deliver service that maximizes a patron's drinking experience whilst adhering to safety protocols. It seemed like we were at a Biergarten rather than a brewery with a unique vision. Without turning this into a review for Untappd I tried: From Maine With Love #6. Curieux. Two Lights. Northern Sky. Coolship Cerise. Barrel & Bean. A tripel and of course "White." All of them were drinkable beers with a heavy Belgian influence. I felt some lacked body, a depth of flavor or carbonation. With the exception of the Barrel & Bean they all seemed like extremely safe beers. If you are still reading this I've probably taken too much of your time. It's time to dock this leaky ship. My lasting impression of Allagash was on my way out. To me seeing an upper echelon brewery with Porta Potties for restroom facilities knocks it down quite a few knotches. In my city even when taprooms were closed restrooms were still made available to patrons. If this was some truckstop dive I would expect that but not from GABF Medal Winners. Your patrons are better than that, I certainly am. My intent is not to dissuade you from coming here. The legend of Allagash certainly precedes my review. A brewery can make medal worthy beers but can it create an experience that supports that ? I've always said it's not what a business is but rather how does it make us feel. Do you leave feeling welcome? Some sort of connection? Com

Tommy Downs

Great outdoor space, good place to visit, but the beer is very similar from type to type. Would be nice if they had a little more variety. Even the ones that seem like they'd be very different in type are very similar in style.

CJ Thomas

They have a great variety of beers to choose from. From their well-known Allagash White to their Coolship series you’ll find something to enjoy!

Robin Holden

One of my all time favorite breweries, the draft selection can't be beat, and neither can the selection of cans and bottles to go!

Patrick J.

Awesome brewery with awesome beer! Great spot for groups looking to have a nice cold one(s) outside. The inside of the brewery was closed when I last went , but their outside area is pretty spacious, has a decent amount of seating, and a place you just wanna be. Allagash had a food truck directly across the area you could order drinks from called Bite Into Maine. The wait to order was longer than anticipated, but the food was amazing. My favorite had to be the soft pretzel. The beer cheese it comes with is the true star of the show. A must have!

S Hartman

Probably the biggest and most organized of the multiple breweries located here. It was a rainy day but there was plenty of tented space. For some reason they want you to walk through an entry portal and get your hand stamped. There’s no admission fee so it didn’t make sense. But we lined up like lemmings anyway. The people on staff, with the exception of the beer tenders, are very friendly and helpful. There’s great merchandise for sale. There’s a food truck parked on site with amazing lobster rolls and plenty of food anyone could want and it can all be brought to your tasting.Tasting prices are very reasonable at around $5. When we were there, there were about 10 varieties. The beer tenders that day clearly needed to find another line of work. Several were surly and intolerant. One guy with a long beard kept giving one or two word answers when asked about the profile of some of the beers. But more than one seemed clearly inconvenienced by anything more than speaking which one you wanted and handing over your cash. That was the downside to our visit. The rest of the breweries we visited were far more friendly and interested in our experience. I guess Allagash in that respect believes they’re the kingpin , so their people can be aloof. If you go, do what we did. Ask for a beer tender who enjoys taking about the product. Some clearly don’t. Overall, a nice experience but we won’t go back. The beer is first rate.

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