618 Congress St, Portland
(207) 536-0368

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Alexis Powers

I’ve tried 3 of the specialty pizzas on different visits and all were very good. Good crust. We also really liked the grilled beet salad and ordered one to split w our pizza again.

Grace Jean

We ended up here unexpectedly & we’re VERY pleased!We sat at the bar & ordered Gin Collins cocktails. We asked that they not be “too sweet”.The bartender informed us that they are “pre-made” so controlling sweetness was not possibleBUT I’d like to give props to him ??Even while swamped he chose, without pressuring, to make ours fresh so that we would not have to endure a sweet drink.On top of that the margarita pizza was superb!The basil on the pizza was fresh & huge The dining area was spacious, bathrooms clean & decor pleasing.

Joe Agresti

Reminds me of figidini in providence. The calzone with prosciutto inside was the best thing we tried.

Scott Ritchie

Fabulous pizza, casual, friendly and very attentive service. My kind of place. Loved it!

Teddy O

Awesome/wicked fun. Give it a go

ben h.

Really excellent pizza! Let me start by saying I hate cracker crisp pizza. This pizza is not that. It is Crispy, yet soft. Substantial crust to hold, yet paper thin under the toppings. Housemade cheeses are worth the trip alone - Creamy and smooth. I have tried two pizzas so far and I would definitely recommend them both: Sausage and Onion and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta. The menus are online, just scan the code at your table. No more germs. Easily amongst the best pizza pie in Portland.

Lynne Tracey

Love late night ?places to eat! I really appreciate locations that understand some people actually get hungry after 9pm! Thin crust pizza was delicious, made in huge copper pizza oven! Friendly staff anxious to please.

Sar P.

This place looked great from outside so I decided to pop in - tried the eggplant foccacio sandwich and it was way too many things going on and not good at all 2/5 and the side of pickled veggies was inedible but had the eggplant caponata last night and it was scrumptious 5/5. I would like to try their pizzas as well

Bridgette Dodge

This place is such a treat! Open late always good food. The meatballs are unreal!

Kelsey Proffitt

Absolutely delicious! My husband and I ordered & split the meatballs, the beet salad, and the pepperoni pizza and it was a perfect amount to share. We are visiting from out of state and it is an excellent spot to check out for a delicious meal. We wished we would've found it earlier in our stay and we probably would've eaten there twice. ?

Justine Worden

Came here last night after being treated very poorly at and leaving hungry from a high-end restaurant down the street (my boyfriend was the only person of color there and we were practically ignored for the two hours we were there, while others received very speedy service). Even though we were visibly upset from the experience at the other restaurant, we were treated with kindness and respect at Lazzari. To top it all off, the pizza was incredible! We got the sausage and onion pizza and thought it was delicious! Great value, great food, and great service. Thanks Lazarri!

Jonathan T.

The hours have yet to be updated as they just began a brunch menu as of 7/2/21 that begins 12p-4pm. We were glad to be one of the first to enjoy this extraordinary brunch. We shared three items to taste as much as possible and had all 4 Bellini's. Hey...this is the dedication I give to my fellow Yelpers, so no judgements! Try it out!!

Starr N.

My experience here a few nights ago is the only bad experience I have had in a Portland restaurant in years. Commensurately, this is the only negative online review I have ever posted, but my first experience at Lazzari will also be my last. Everyone is capable of making mistakes, but apparently not everyone is capable of being gracious about them--as we learned from "Thomas", the server behind the bar. It's one thing not to know how to make a cocktail, but it is not acceptable for a server to become rude and aggressive when a customer politely explains that a dark & stormy does not have pineapple juice and that only one type of rum is called for. On his second try, the pours between our drinks were so conspicuously uneven that it bore pointing out. He said that he had made a mistake and given one of us too much so he made the other pour less to things even things out!!! To Lazzari's credit, the late-night food was good and the person presenting it expressed sympathy and commiseration, saying their colleague had had a long day. That was appreciated, but we had had a long day too, and the bartender was unpleasant enough for us not to want to ever go back to Lazzari.

Kim W.

Amazing pizza!! Perfect dough. Best service with Justine. Must get the zeppoli-fried dough with powdered sugar and Nutella, unbelievably good.

Steve L.

Like I think everybody, I absolutely love Portland and love it especially for its amazing food & drink scene. Were I a local, I don't even know what my regular haunts would be as there is just no end of amazing places to eat and drink. In pizza alone there are so many options. Lazzari, however, is an amazing one and I could see myself dining here a minimum of once a month if I lived here. One of Congress St.'s many great spots, it has excellent pizza and an excellent selection of local draft beers. The server was helpful selecting one--in fact they gave me a sample of one (that I didn't up getting) without my even asking. I now can't recall the name of the beer I did drink, but it was an excellent, very hazy NE IPA. We had two totally different pizzas: one sausage & onion which was fantastic and another that was essentially a pizza with a salad on top of it, which everybody in the party who likes salads loved and I too, despite my preference for meat-topped pizzas, thoroughly enjoyed. This is yet another amazing place to eat and drink in New England's food capital.

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