Elevation Burger

205 Commercial St, Portland
(207) 775-6800

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Jeff Allen

Good burger, great staff and fair prices. Plus you can’t beat the location near the waterfront. It was nice to be able to grab a nearby burger after a Lobster Boat excursion. I gotta say the BBQ Bacon Cheddar burger hit the spot and did not disappoint. I just wish the Coke Freestyle machine was fully operational with all selections available.

Karen C

The burger was amazing (and I don't usually eat hamburgers), as were the fries (and I am very picky about fries). The service was wonderful, too. I highly recommend stopping in and grabbing a bite.

Chris Cameron

I can recommend the surf & turf burger. Great service and food. Open air dining on the deck or street-side.

Dustin D

The bun was kinda ehh to. Such a bummer, heard mixed reviews was doing a job in the area and figured I’d give it a whirl. My result. Elevation fries were the only saving grace for lunch.

undefined aria

Delicious burgers! Try the surf and turf if it's available. Doesn't leave you feeling greasy and heavy afterwards. Great milkshake- I got vanilla with strawberries and mango!

Robert Schremmer

Really good burger and fries. There are several signature burgers or you can build your own with a large array of toppings. Ordering at the counter was easy. Abundant outdoor seating, and much of it is in the shade, which was nice on a warm day.

Bryan Wohlwend

Stopped here for lunch today. One person had a burger and said it was very good. I had a sriracha chicken sandwich was okay…not much flavor and not really spicy. Fries were fries. It was fast and convenient so it hit the spot and met our need today.

Reem S.

I had their elevation burger and it was not really anything to rave about. I like the fact that it was a really clean burger and was not oily. The burger meat was just ok…it was a bit tough and flavorless. However, The surf and turf burger was very unique and definitely worth trying.

Nick Hennen

High end burger, but the Elevation fries were incredible.

John Flores

Great food, and wonderful service. The hand cut fries served non salted as I requested. Lobster on Burger is a great surf and turf combo, and the vanilla milkshake completed the deal. Looking forward to returning, wish they had locations in Philadelphia and every other sate.

Marcus Rose

Such good impossible beef and the real meat tastes the exact same eco-friendly place and if you buy a fountain drink you get unlimited refills best burger place I've ever had there needs to be more elevation burgers

David P.

The wait was very short. The reason was clear after the food arrived. Skinny, tasteless burger, with little to no lettuce that was smothered in mustard and ketchup to hide the flavorless meat. Save your money.

Whitney B.

I don't often have the opportunity to leave a one-star review for places, thankfully. But, wow. I guess this is the place to go if one wants a 45-minute wait for a single burger and fries. I was initially told it would be "under 10 minutes" when I asked how long it would be at ordering - because my husband was circuiting around in the car while I basically ran in to get a burger for my son. Then, when I went to inquire after about 20-25 minutes, the guy at the register said, extremely unapologetically, "we're backed up." He didn't check on my order. After almost 45-minutes, I went back to the register and explained how long it had been and what I had ordered. He, again, tried to say how backed up they were and he walked away. I had to put my foot down and say I needed him to check on the order. He couldn't find it. Again, no explanation or apology. He wrote it down and handed it to the cook. I asked if it would be the next burger cooked, or if it would be simply placed back in the line. He didn't say anything to the cook about rushing the order. I had to ask to speak with a manager or anyone who could take responsibility. Finally, a nice and helpful cook/server asked me what was going on and I told him. HE apologized and seemed to get it and helped rush my order. When the original cashier handed it to me, he seemed even to imply that I hadn't ordered, maybe, tried to say it was an online order. I told him he had taken my original order and I had verified the charge on my credit card. He said he's "not part of the line ordering." Just zero interest in taking responsibility or trying to find resolution. I can't tell you how far a simple, "I'm sorry. I'm not sure what happened but we will make sure your order is done quickly now" would have gone! And my son said, after really close to an hour, "the fries were really good and the burger was okay."

Eric C. Maxwell

This place is great! I had the surf and turf burger special (lobster and beef), which was an excellent choice. My partner had one of their vegan burgers which was also very tasty. The food was delicious, the service was fast, and the prices were reasonable - and the upper deck had a nice little view of the waterfront. What more could you want from a burger joint??

Michael Krull

great food and good service

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