HiFi Donuts

30 City Center, Portland
(207) 747-5314

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Josh G.

I love me a good donut. Honestly Dunkin' usually suffices, but there are plenty of quality donut shoppes (fancy spelling) to give your tastebuds a run for their money. I'd say HiFi Donuts did a formidable job doing just that for my fiancée and I back in early July. This Portland-based donut place isn't anything special in location or interior. It's potentially missable especially if people mention donuts in Portland as they'll direct you to Holy Donut first. For us, HiFi worked well in proximity (and didn't come with a warning of long lines) so we were able to stroll into this trendy-themed donut establishment a few times while in town. Once inside, you'll notice the full menu of options. HiFi goes quite beyond the donut level offering breakfast and lunch choices as well as a variety of coffee styles. Our second trip here did have us indulging in a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich along with some cold brew coffee (both were tasty), but it's really the donuts that brought us back that second time. What's so special about these donuts? Well a fun fact about circular pastries in Portland is that they're made with a recipe that includes potato. Yup, you heard that right. Potato donuts! Okay they're not only made of potato, but the inclusion of this ingredient definitely gives these morsels a little extra denseness and perhaps even weight. For that reason they're a tad smaller/thinner, but HiFi offers up quite the selection of flavors to choose from. With that in mind, my fiancée and I split a couple of donuts on our first visit. This included a key lime pie donut, raspberry chocolate donut, and HiFi's French cruller. At $2.50 a pop we figured it was worth it (and we were right!).The latter of the three we bought was good (this was a suggestion by one of the employees), but because it was a French cruller in style, you could tell it didn't have that potato aspect to it. The other two rocked the appropriate flavors and despite their density, we finished them off with ease. A different consistency than your average donut, but deliciousness nonetheless. It left us wanting more and so we made one more pass by HiFi before leaving Portland on our last day there. This time around we went for a half dozen in hopes to bring some back with us to good ol' Long Island. A few repeats were in that mix (key lime pie and raspberry chocolate), but we also tried the chocolate glaze donut, Mexican hot chocolate donut, strawberry shortcake donut, and the berry patch cruller (hey, it was a good donut even if not potatoey). Each one basically delivered on taste and stood out for what they were aiming for in flavor. Overall, HiFi Donuts is definitely a worthy stop in Portland to try this type of unique style of donut. Yeah, maybe Holy Donut is the one that gets all the hype, but I wouldn't sleep on HiFi. They have a nice selection of flavors and definitely do the potato donut justice. Breakfast and coffee aren't half bad either, though the donuts are the real reason to come. And you never know, you might just love these more than Dunkin' (shh don't tell them).

Tito L.

I've had HiFi and Holy Donuts on back to back days. HiFi is way better. Well, if you like light, flavorful donuts and good coffee. If I'm back this way and want coffee and donuts, HiFi is my place. Good breakfast sandwiches however you want them too. Super friendly service. Con.... No inside seating currently. Looks like they have it, just closed off for now.

Gay-Lynn T.

Donuts super tasty. Eggplant breakfast Sammy so good. Would go back, worth the wait.

Jennifer F.

The crullers are absolute Heaven! Maple and churro and blueberry fizz. So delicious! We also tried the Old Port.... Very good and a few others. Really fresh and light. I wish there was a Hifi in AZ!

Dom A.

Good selection of donuts, bit oily/super sweet for my tastes but I'd go again. Great cold brew!

Sonya S.

To start it is hard to find a place that is open for business at breakfast time this weekend. So we were overjoyed to find this jewel of a place. An incredible selection of artisan donuts, plenty of breakfast sandwich options and amazing coffee. We were so impressed with the friendly staff. Love this place and cannot recommend it enough!

Cade Webster

Without a doubt the best breakfast sandwich I have ever sunk my teeth into. Wow! So many options, but I really recommend the chorizo on ciabatta. The doughnuts are unusual by today's standards, but in a good way. Everything was delicious and ordering/pickup was a breeze.

Andres D.

The storefront looks pretty corporate and uninteresting but on the inside the quirky character of the place shines through. You will be faced with a huge selection of creatively designed donuts (lime and coconut, raspberry cooked into the dough, piles of toppings recreating s'mores, etc), all at really low prices. There are also several cheap lunch options and surprisingly good coffee. You can also pay with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin if that is your thing. A Portland gem!

Tom V.

In a region overrun with mass-produced donuts, Hi-Fi is getting donuts done in a completely different way, and doing it very well. If you want a glazed or an old-fashioned to go with your coffee regular, then that's fine, but Hi-Fi gives you so much more. Nestled just off City Center near Monument Square, Hi-Fi offers a little bit of outdoor seating coupled with a robust to-go crowd. Their crullers are borderline sinful, like crispy French toast with flavored goo on top. Yes, goo, because it's not quite frosting and it isn't really icing, it's more goo. And the goo is good, like really good. Cake donuts come in flavors like Mexican Hot Chocolate or Cinnamon Sugar, and the Simpsons donut (you can visualize this) is a winner in any season. The iced chai is a fabulous choice any time of year, but we had a seasonal drink, the Iced Portland Fog, Earl Grey with milk and I *think* a bit of lavender and it was insane! If only I could reproduce this! The coffee was strong and ready to go, amply offered to sidle up to any donut destined for your palate. Pricing is a bit higher than the chains, but Hi-Fi is putting in the work to make donuts artisanal and the experience to match. Well worth the visit!

McLeod Mel

Scrumptious is the first word to pop into my head when I think of HiFi donuts.

Risa K.

they're most well known for their crullers, especially the churro flavor. So that's what I got! It is super fluffy, not too sweet, not greasy, and has the right amount of cinnamon. I personally prefer Hifi Donuts over Holy donut

Laura C.

I stumbled upon this gem while walking around Portland and it was such a delight! The doughnuts are very fresh and the coffee is strong, what else could you ask for?! Bonus: This place considers 14 doughnuts to be a dozen!

Luv Bikker

Having been told about HiFi donuts had to go there during a trip to Portland. It definitely did not disappoint! Service was fantastic and the donuts were to die for yummy! I particularly enjoyed the lemon lavender lace flavor. Definitely a “must stop“ when you are in Portland!

Ashley Bryant

Amazing customer service and DELICIOUS donuts!


Friendly staff! I just didn’t find these donuts to be worth all the hype. They’re more aesthetically pleasing than anything else. They weren’t fresh nor warm and the texture was nice but that’s because I’m a fan of thicker donuts.

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