Izakaya Minato

54 Washington Ave, Portland
(207) 613-9939

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Small plates with incredible flavors. The drinks use local ingredients and all the staff are nice. But the food is outstanding.

Stephanie Tesner

We found this place around the corner, and it was wonderful. Small plates with big flavor. Loved the Kinoko Salad and the Mochi Bacon. Cozy and good, check it out, you won't be disappointed!


Popular restaurant - recommend reservations. Our group of 4 did the chief choice - $40/pp. It includes the JFC - Japanese Fried Chicken - their signature dish and was more than enough food for even our 16 year old. Everything we had was fresh, delicious, and inventive. I also order the Saki flight - this provided a range of Saki flavors.

Sarah Dietz

Definitely a 5 star spot. Our meal was amazing and our server was wonderful. My friends said it was one of their favorite meals ever!

Colin Moon

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Cured mackerel crudo was great, but the age ochazuke (fried rice ball in fish broth) was something to write home about. Wish I lived around the corner from this place.

Deniz Bradley Ciger

Awesome food and service there is something for everyone’s taste.


Yet another fabulous surprising Portland restaurant. Japanese “gastropub” a bunch of well priced super unique dishes that were uniformly delicious. We got the omakase which is basically a selection of their best dishes. Favorites: blue fin sashimi of the day in a ponzu, oyster in miso custard (wow), bacon wrapped mochi, spinach salad with grilled veggies, and the ultra fresh sashimi were our favorites. They could improved their wine list but so great and unique. We live in NYC and it has been a while since we have been to such and new interesting/delicious restaurant! Definitely among top 2-3 in Portland, ME. No offense the recent reviews on TripAdvisor are insane this place rocks! Must visit

Misha Davydov

11 stars. Do you like Japanese food? Doesn’t matter. Come here, order the Omakase, and let the kitchen make your dreams come true.There might be a long wait, so come early. No matter what, it’ll be worth it.

jackey b

Amazing small plates. I have never been disappointed. Creative and delicious.

Megan Barkdull

SO good! The broiled oysters with yuzu custard are one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Eli Ellis

It’s cliché to say that something “Next Level” … but that is really the only way to describe the food we ate at Izakaya Minato. Before eating at Minato, I didn’t even know there was a next level.

Jacob Lotstein

Izakaya had so much potential in my mind - I love Japanese food, the menu sounded awesome and the interior seemed so warm and cozy. Among the 8 or so dishes I had the opportunity to try, all were perfectly cooked, well seasoned and seemed to have high quality local ingredients.But at the end of the meal both myself and my partner agreed that nothing really stood out as amazing. Both drinks and food just really failed to "wow" us for whatever reason. I'm not sure if it's just not to our personal taste, if it was an off-night for the kitchen or if it really just isn't that great but either way I probably won't be rushing back very soon.

Marc Polanik

Absolutely terrible experience. Arrived to the restaurant 4 hours before closing. Waitress told us it was a two hour wait. We were fine with that since there was a brewery next door. Two hours later we get noticed they will be unable to seat us. WHY NOT TELL US THAT WAS A POSSIBILITY WHEN WE ARRIVED. So now we are left scrambling for a place to dine. You get one star for not being honest to your patrons.

olivia z

we attempted to make a reservation for two which was not possible on their website. instead we went in person and were told there would be a two hour wait. we waited accordingly and were then told our table was not available which ruined our night. if they had told us a table would not be available up front we could have easily made other plans. i cannot understand the logic behind this seating choice. unbelievably unprofessional and not worth any kind of interaction.

Alyse W.

YEAP one of the best meals ive had. Absolutely fabulous. We were bummed they didnt have the chef tasting officially for dine in, but you could still essentially just order it yourself which is what we did so we didnt miss out. But yeah they will ruin most other sushi for you, the sashimi was THAT good. we seriously considered ordering another round of it, but we were too full. the staff was also great, give them a visit.

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