Pai Men Miyake

188 State St, Portland
(207) 541-9204

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The Bottomless Pit P.

KATSUDON with Pork Belly add on: First of all, this was not Katsudon. This was TonKatsu, as noted by the tonkatsu sauce and kewpi mayonnaise topping, that was placed on top of rice and put in a bowl which "technically" makes it a donburi but NOT Katsudon. Katsudon is noted by its signature sauce of Dashi + Shoyu + Cooking Sake... there was no sauce at all in this. Also, true Katsudon sees the katsu cooked in the sauce with egg... NOT strips of whatever was in this. Second, this dish was 15$... CLEARLY not worth the price. If you're going to offer something that only pretends to be what it's supposed to be, then at least offer a bigger portion. But maybe that would be a bad idea because of (Third) THE HUGE FLY ISSUE. It was hard eating because I was too busy swatting flies of different sizes. By the end of the meal, I had at least ten fly's in a balled up napkin on the table. What's more telling is that I was sitting right in front of the register, in view of everyone that worked their, swatting flys the entire time and NO ONE said anything which makes me think that this is normal for this place. It was disgusting. I would never recommend this place.

Ayon Ibrahim

Great Japanese restaurant with an authentic feel and tasty dishes. Pork buns in particular were excellent.

Marissa Crockett (MAC)

Pai Men was awesome. From the service and staff to the setting and food. It was a great atmosphere and great experience. I wish I had started eating here sooner!

Kristen K.

3.5 stars - friendly staff and decent ramen but didn't get that wow factor from the food to bump up the rating. Noodles had a good texture but broth was a little too salty and was missing some depth for the price charged. The ambiance outside was great but not for those who don't like being close to sidewalk traffic.

David l.

Hope you like rice. A lot of rice. The ridiculously priced rolls have VERY little fish and a helluva lot of rice. The filling on the buns is a tasteless mash. Futomaki was a complete joke, but it did have another quarter pound of rice! The Brussels sprouts bowl is huge and largely inedible. Charred and heavy on the vinegar/fish sauce. Cloying. Tap beer was not cold as it should be. Ceviche roll, at $20!!!!, was about an ounce of fish and a quarter pound of rice. No exaggeration. The kale salad is filled with cold fried (fried yesterday, I think) tofu and is drowned in dressing. I have no idea what the fuss is about. Would never return.

Asher A.

I was in town visiting friends for the weekend and they suggested the ramen here. Did not disappoint. The beef shortrib ramen with kimchi was the best ramen, hands down, I've ever had -- if not one of the best things I've ever eaten. Wish I had gotten a picture because it was beautiful too!

David Wilson

Phenomenal Japanese restaurant. This location is very casual. I recommend any of the ramen and the unagi roll!

Dennis D.

3.5 stars. I think I might have ordered wrong here. The decor stands out as being very interesting and intentional. Service was attentive and friendly. They are currently offering a limited selection of basic cocktails which are serviceable. The much lauded Brussels sprout dish really didn't do it for me. Like I appreciate the acidity and umami of the dressing, but why are these hammered in the fryer to oblivion, resulting in an experience akin to eating oily crumpled up tissue paper? The ramen (lobster miso) was serviceable, broth was tasty but lacking depth, noodles were cooked correctly and with good texture but also lacking depth of flavor. I guess I would conclude this is not like a ramen destination to travel out of your way for, but I think there's a good time to be had here for sure.

Cynthia Oei

Food are great. Nicely done, ramen missing umame unfortunatelly, but still great. Service is very rocky. Ordered 2 appetizer and 2 ramen, the server brought 1 app and 5 mnts later he brought 1 appetizer and 2 ramen at the same time. We haven’t finish the first appetizer. It’s kinda annoying since we are not slow eater, so it will be nice if we can finish the appetizer before the main course being dropped

Julia D.

My fiancée and I arrived at 5:45pm and were luckily seated immediately. We had the edamame which was an incredibly generous portion. We then each had ramen. I had the Shio Chicken Ramen, which while slightly salty was delicious! Would highly recommend when in Portland!

Alexis M.

Great dinner!! We loved their other location, it was a must when we came up every year. Unfortunately this year they were closed. The spicy lobster roll is a staple for us, we share it bc of the size, by far best sushi roll ever. We tried a few different things at this location and all were amazing. Lobster balls were light, packed with meat and seasoned just perfectly that the flavor of lobster wasn't hidden by a heavy sauce. Everything we had was delicious. The staff was also fantastic. They were accommodating of five adults and a 6 month old. They gave us a great table at a perfect location that wouldn't disturb others if the baby was fussy and it was loud enough in there any screams weren't alarming and he could still sleep in his stroller. Awesome experience over all

Austin LeClere

Amazing dinner tonight the wait staff are great service is very kind and prompt I got Brussels sprouts for an appetizer they were great the ramen was amazing great flavor and the noodles were perfect!

Irene C.

We came here to grab lunch when we were on our way back to NJ from Acadia national park. After having American food for a week, I was craving for asian food-noodle in particular. I must say this place exceeded my expectations! Not only the service is great ( our waitress is so sweet ), the food is also delicious. I really enjoyed the chicken karaage and lobster miso ramen. They also have a great selections of local beers. We sat outside because the weather was nice that day, but the interior is also beautifully decorated.

Robin W.

Since I live in California, my Maine summers are a bit of Asian- and Mexican-food deprivation. Pai Men Miyake is a good discovery - would hold its own in San Francisco. Interesting menu - we stayed away from sushi rolls (this isn't a sushi restaurant). The ramen bowl was extremely spicy but good, especially with the raw egg stirred in. Fried Brussels sprouts were too salty for my taste but others might adore them. And the Nikuman rolls were unlike anything I've had - terrific. Warm, professional service. Will be back!

Kasmira W.

The food is great here, but I'm just confused why your voicemail says "to place a takeout order, see the host" why would I be calling for take out if I can see the host?

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