Saigon Restaurant

795 Forest Ave, Portland
(207) 874-6666

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Peter D

This is a place that my family and I have been going to since 2009. We have had many wonderful meals here, including on Holidays when no one else was open. Their pho broth was written up in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago and they have very fresh ingredients. It is our favorite Vietnamese restaurant on the East Coast.

Jimmy Nguyen

PSA: I have been delivering for Saigon Restaurant for 6+ years now and please DO NOT order from Doordash or any other third party delivery services because we are unaffiliated with Doordash and they've only been ripping our customers off with their extremely high fees. We've receive calls from customers that had ordered Doordash all the time about why their totals we're 30-40% higher than if you've ordered delivery by calling the restaurant. For an example, we had a Doordash order today calling back why their orders we're $80 without tip when it is only $50 if you ordered delivery by calling the restaurant. Please, order from the restaurant, by doing this you save money and support the local business during these difficult times. Thank you.In the past we have been strictly been delivering in the Portland area but we have recently expanded to other areas. If we do not deliver in your area, please call and ask. We accept deliveries from other areas depending on how busy we are at the time. Thanks for your understanding.

Kerrie D.

In a town with so many excellent Vietnamese/Thai restaurants, Saigon is my GO TO for wonton soup. This is no ubiquitous bowl of wonton, oh no! This is a big bowl of expertly constructed broth with plenty of fresh vegetables, pork slices AND a generous amount of in house made wonton dumplings. It really is a delicious filling and pretty healthy dinner on a cold night. Saigon also rocks the fresh spring rolls, bahn mi sandwiches and bun bowls. They also advertise breakfast options which have always intrigued me, will have to go back some weekend morning for takeout!


Multiple hairs were found in my meal and the staff wasn’t wearing masks when I walked in. Overall, Saigon Restaurant is lacking in cleanliness and quality of food.

Ryan Schwartz

Great quality all around.Omlete banh mi was simple and absolutely perfect (build-your-own format for take out purposes is ab excellent idea).Taro and pork egg rolls were delish as well.Noodle dish was spot on and the kids loved it too.Can't wait to come back.


Excellent Eat there frequently. Simple ambiance, clean, well run, high quality food and service. Tasty pho, nice Vietnamese and Chinese menu. Excellent banh mi, about 5-6 bucks each. 5-6 types. Pho is 10-13. Available for breakfast and lunch, ask them for it, they will let you know if they can make it. Dinner for two is about 40-50, they are take out only right now. They are substantially and consistently better that the nearby Vietnamese restaurants in my opinion.

Dhara R.

I visited Saigon as I was in the mood for a warm light meal on a cold day. I don't eat beef or pork so decided to get a chicken pho to go. Everything was packed tidy in a brown bag and the owners also packed hot sauces
For me including sriracha and a hot oil. They also included a thick sweet sauce which I do not know the name of. The family was very nice. I got a size medium which was two meals for me. I can't speak for the rest of the menu ! Would come back for chicken pho again


There are many good Vietnamese restaurants in Portland, but Siagon has the best Pho. Be sure to ask for some Sate (chili pepper oil condiment)- Theirs is uniquely smoky in flavor.

Anna Liza Castro-Malek

Everything yummy but the hot and sour soup tops them all! It had real vegetables in it! Yummy

Francine L.

I LOVE this place. Have been frequenting here since we moved here 10 years ago. They know me by my first name and my family's names. I am beyond disappointed with out take out order tonight. I do make concessions for take out.... let's face reality ... its never the same as dine in. But tonight ..... I just don't know what happened. Literally our worse meal from them, spring rolls were tough and discolored like a pale rust color. Rice was mushy and flavorless and carrots with were just plain gross like freezer burned or something. The chicken wings and fingers were ridiculously tough. I have never had such tough leathery chicken. Dumplings, rangoon, soup and lo mein were pretty standard for their quality. Overall a great disappointment and did nothing to satisfy my thai/Vietnamese craving. Hopefully this is an anomaly and they will be back to their delicious selves next time.

Mike Sinnett

Good food and friendly service.


The food is good and the workers are very nice. Don't let the looks fool you, when you drive by it looks a bit run-down, but the food is good, service is friendly and the Pho is great!

Liam S.

This is one of four restaurants in the Deering neighborhood off of Forest Ave that you can get Thai and Vietnamese food. With all of these choices; where do you go? Well, if you want to sit down and eat in the restaurant, I suggest Saigon. They are one of the better restaurants with indoor seating. The place doesn't look like much and when you go inside, it still doesn't look like much, but I have always enjoyed the food here, the prices are fair, and the service has been consistently good. There is no bar, but you can get a couple of bottled beers, they have some wine, and I believe they can make up a couple different kinds of mixed drinks, but not totally sure.

Em l.

We ordered the bun no hue and a grilled pork banh mi as take out - bun no hue was on the lighter side but we really enjoyed it; great flavor and perfect level of spice. The banh mi was balanced and super fresh. I really appreciate that they packaged the noodles, veggies, and broth separately so nothing was soggy or over cooked. Would happily eat here again.

Cody Doyle

One of our favorites. Delicious and reasonably priced.

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