Sur Lie

11 Free St, Portland
(207) 956-7350

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Teddy O

Awesome in every way ?

Loving Kindness

“Absolutely delicious” is almost an understatement. We tried the Brisket, pork bun, peach radicchio salad, chicken wings, and the butter plate. All were fantastic except the chicken wings, which were small / too charcoaled - it hardly had any meat on it. Also the serving of brisket was sliced pretty thin for sharing and was pricey for the portion size. But the pork bun was cooked beautifully that it had a snap to it - it was heaven. All in all- Most of everything melted in my mouth. Service was pretty quick, which we appreciated.

Graham Harriman

The food was excellent. Definitely recommend the shrimp toast. Rating a 3 for service - 2 glasses of wine spilled on my sister and niece which stained their clothes and nothing was taken off the bill :(

Ammu W.

Very average food without a lot of options. The waiter was very nice and friendly. We ordered a hummus and a peach salad - both not great. The price point was high. We left without ordering anything else since the flavors were lacking

Kristen McCormack

Exquisite menu, exquisite service, fun! A magically special experience.

Leonard Solo

Delicious! Two couples dining out and sharing tapas plates. There was not a bad bite to be had. EVERYTHING was tasty, superpurb. Super fine cocktails to boot.

Jenny Choi

worst dining experience ever! they messed up our order three times, and the workers were so rude. horrible service, below average food.

Sophie D.

I took my mom out for a special meal and found sur lie. This place has a terrific cozy atmosphere. The dishes came out in tasting menu style, so once you finish eating one the next came out. The dishes were very creative and really tasty. Really shows the imagination and creativity of the chefs of sur lie. The favorite of the night between my mother and I was the lobster tempura bao buns. I never thought pickled watermelon would be something to try but it's absolutely delicious. The most unique of the night were the scallop corn dogs they weren't very high on the favorite list for the night but it's good if you want to try something very unique. Finishing everything off the avocado mousse was so good. It was smooth and light after the several dishes we had. Personally for me this is the best mousse I have ever eaten and would to try again. Looking forward to coming back when they rotate more dishes in.

Peter K.

Three of us went to Sur Lie for dinner a few weeks ago, and I must say I was disappointed. All of us had been to Sur Lie before, but it was about three or four years ago. At that time, we really enjoyed the restaurant, but this time, we left disappointed. And hungry. To be clear, the food is tasty, but the biggest issue is the portion size. Now I know this is a tapas restaurant, and I know it's meant to be small plates, but even with that foreknowledge, the amount of food you get for the cost is outrageous. There were three of us, and the server recommended getting three dishes each because as he said, everything is meant to share. But here's where it gets silly. The mackerel, for example, is smaller than a piece of sashimi you would get in a Japanese restaurant. Try splitting that into three ways? Each of us ended up with half teaspoon of meat - and this was $13 or 14 dollars! The grilled octopus has one small tentacle - for $16 dollars. Again, after sharing, you got less than a folk full. When you first see the menu you think the prices are reasonable, but when it takes at least four dishes to feel satisfied, you're up to $56 dollars per person for a decent meal. Tapas originated as bar snacks - something to snack on while you drink. And that's exactly what you get here - snacks. Never have I left a restaurant and walked across the street to another restaurant (El Rayo), to pick up some tacos because we were still hungry. And for three us, each with one drink, we paid $165 dollars before the tip.

Ex-chef G.

We came here for my wife's birthday. When we read the menu, it read a little bit strange, but has great reviews. We are very adventurous eaters so decided to go for it. But our expectations were not high. All I can say is WOW! We ended up eating 10 dishes and every single one of them was amazing. Completely exceeded our expectations! The mackerel was sold out which was a bummer. But first we had the toast and the crab. So interesting and delicious! The flavors, the textures, totally on point. Then the carrots and the scallops, amazing! The caramel and the mezcal flavor made these some of the best carrots I have ever had. The scallops we thought were cake pops lmao. Very ingenious presentation and plating. Absolutely delicious! Then on to the duck and the lamb. The lamb was delicious, crispy birria tacos with celery salad and vinegary hot sauce. The duck was so good that we actually promptly ordered it again along with the octopus. Both of these dishes are absolute winners! The octopus was described as a mortadella which was odd but after our server described it, we decided to give it a try and we also glad we did. It was prob some of the best octopus I have ever eaten. Chocolate mousse and lemon bar for dessert was interesting and delicious, different flavors and textures ended the meal on a high note! For the flavors, textures, inventiveness of the food and drinks and the quality, we thought it was a great value. This has been our best food experience in Portland since Vinland closed. Service was friendly and fast, cocktails fresh and tasty. Can't wait to go back!

Katie H.

My husband and I came here for our anniversary after it came highly recommended by some Redditors. We've been to Portland many times but have never tried any of the fine dining options and were excited by the creative menu and all the talk about the new chef. We ordered a bunch of dishes that may or may not still be on the menu and which I'll try to sum up below: -Sweet Pea Hummus: Disappointingly grainy and lacking in any pea flavor. It was hard to taste the mint oil at all, and the only part that made it somewhat interesting was the lemon sabayon. The "lavash" that came with it was overly salted and didn't feel quite right as a partner to the hummus. I think soft pita would actually go better alongside. -Crab: From the description, we were not expecting a crab cake, but were pleasantly surprised. Lots of crab flavor and interesting textures. Unfortunately, my husband found a piece of a crab shell in one of his bites, which put him off the rest of this dish. -Toast: We didn't realize this would come unassembled, and if we had known, would not have ordered it. I'm not a fan of the assemble-your-own concept at this price point. If I'm paying you to make the dish, I don't want to put it together myself and guess at what the chef envisioned. This was just okay. One of the bread slices was overly toasted, and it was challenging to make a satisfying bite with all the components. The goat cheese espuma was too light on the goat cheese flavor, and I wanted more of the nori mustard vinaigrette since the whole dish seemed to be overwhelmed by the bread. A confusing dish that didn't quite come together. - Scallops: Easily the best thing we ate all night. We loved that it was a clever riff on a Korean corndog with a lovely scallop flavor and delightful presentation. The textures were lovely, and the shiso kewpie was perfect alongside. I wish we had ordered another round of this. - Duck: The duck breast slices were tiny and could have been more tender, but were at least cooked to a nice medium rare. The farro fried rice was delectable and difficult to stop eating. Great concept and well-executed overall. - Octopus: They were out of octopus by the time we ordered it, which was disappointing as this was the dish I was most looking forward to that night. However, the chef was nice enough to take the leftover octopus scraps and make a mini portion of this for us on the house. From the tiny bite we had, I can tell the real thing would have been outstanding and I'd definitely order it next time. - Pork Belly: This was the special for the night. The pork belly was succulent and perfectly cooked. We didn't care for the turnip green sisig, which was grassy and bitter, nor the turnips, which were bland. It's a shame because the meat was so nicely executed, but we disliked everything else on the plate. So overall, there were hits and misses (about 50/50 each way). The portions are very small for the price, but we weren't exactly surprised by this. We ordered 7 dishes for 2 people, and my husband complained that he was still a little hungry. Expect to spend at least $75 per person for food and drink. Service was great. We made a reservation and were promptly seated as soon as we showed up by our very sweet waitress. Throughout the night, she was attentive but gave us our space. She forgot to take the octopus off our bill, but handled it graciously when we pointed it out. Overall, the food was a bit of a mixed bag, but we had a pleasant time and it didn't ruin our anniversary. I don't think we'll be back anytime soon as I think there are better restaurants in Portland at this price point (and lower), but I admire the chef's willingness to take risks and be playful with food.

Eric M

Wow. The attention to detail and flavors at Sur Lie are out of this ?. Throughly enjoyed every dish. Definitely try the vegetable dishes.

Torie Jones

Great restaurant in Portland! Really nice cocktails and tapas style food. Would recommend the trout and toast in the starters. Skip the lamb orchiette and get the smoked duck with rice - it was the most delicious thing we had during our time in Portland. Staff was great and very attentive. Would highly recommend

Christophe Camp

Good service, good food and drink. The staff really made an effort to exceed our expectations. Delicious!

Ainsworth Kohler

High class drinks and relaxing downbeat music. The bartender was fun and personable.

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