The Honey Paw

78 Middle St, Portland
(207) 774-8538

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Carly Nicole

So so so so delicious!! Very happy we chose to eat here. You will not regret it. The food was incredible and the staff was very kind and helpful while ordering. We got so much food and drinks. It was fantastic.

Casey Knox

The food was EXCELLENT!!! We had the the lobster toast, fried wings and the half fried chicken!! It was delicious!!! Try the Althea and Whiskey sour slushes!! You won’t be disappointed!!


Each bite was more incredible than the last. Beautiful, unique delicious creations. Arrived straight from the airport and enjoyed sitting outside.

S. Wimalasena

Excellent food! Loved the Lobster Laksa.

Luis Miranda

Delicious, uniquely crafted food with attention to detail that was superb. Highly recommend.

Andy D.

So tasty! Host was super flexible with our indecisiveness about sitting in the sun or not (spoiler alert: sitting in the sun during a heatwave doesn't work). Luckily most of their seating was still in the shade (bonus that currently all seating is COVID friendly picnic benches outside) and we got a spot quickly. Everything was delicious, and bonus, they have plain noodles they can add butter and cheese to for those picky kiddos we may or may not have. Highly recommend the fried bread, heirloom tomato salad, mee goreng, and pad kee mao, the fat noods were so good!

Lindsay Profenno

I do not get the hype. The staff was very nice but of the three dishes we got none were good or even decent. Very salty, no depth of flavor, and in one case burnt. I really just didn’t get what they were trying to do here. Head next door to Duck Fat or Eventide (which I think is the same owners as honey paw?) and have a much more enjoyable meal that is actually worth the price and wait.

Amy L.

I'm sad to say that this place let me down. The Asian dishes are overly Westernized. I would like to learn more about Portland's liking for Bahn Mi and kimchi though... The Heirloom Tomato Salad was the redeeming dish. The flavors were just right and it was refreshing compared to the mediocre lobster toast (too salty) and Pad Kee Mao (let's just say it should be flat noodle, not wide noodle). I don't think this is the right place to visit if you're looking for authentic Asian food. Otherwise the service is great.

Rebecca R.

I cannot say enough amazing things about the The Honey Paw. Waited about 45 minutes at prime time on a Saturday night, but totally worth the wait! I get a little anxious going out to eat because of some food allergies (dairy, gluten, soy, eggs), but our waitress didn't seem fazed and went through the entire menu with me, highlighting what was safe to eat and what could be altered in order to accommodate my allergies. I settled on the charred broccolini and lobster laksa. The flavors were out of this world. I we weren't leaving town the next day, I would have loved to eat there again. Highly recommend this place for those with food allergies and the lucky people that can eat whatever they want. So yummy!

Timothy B.

Awesome evening at Honey Paw. Long wait on a Sunday night to get in. Well worth the wait. Service was excellent, server gave a lot of good tips. Thai themed restaurant all food that we had was excellent, my favorites were the Pad Thai noodles and the Lobster meal. The biggest surprise of the evening was the dessert. The rhubarb ice cream was excellent.

Thuy H.

Nope! Service was good but the food - just horrible. We ordered a bunch of items to share among my group of 8 - assorted pickled (this was actually decent), fried wings, crispy rice salad, khao soi, pad kee mao, engawa skewers, halibut crudo, and the honey softserve. We had to force down the food. Not sure if the chef wasn't on his game tonight but sheesh! Khao soi - the dish was BEYOND salty (although, almost everything was). We poured our drinking water into the soup just to make it edible. Engawa skewers - it was too mushy. I felt like I stuffed a piece of fat that wasn't cooked into my mouth Wings - had flavor, but too salty. The crispy rice salad - the rice wasn't crispy as I would like and it needed more lime zing. It was too sweet and salt and not enough sour. Pad kee mao - again, salty and a tad on the greasy side. Honey soft serve - The only thing that was decent was this dessert. My favorite part of this dessert was the honey comb pieces. I do not recommend this place for the food. Go grab food elsewhere and then come here for the dessert


We were on vacation for a week and, while the lobster in Maine was super fresh, you can only have so much of it without needing a break. We ordered the Mee Goreng and Wings and they were excellent!! So fresh and full of flavor I wish they had a restaurant in my home town The service was great and the staff really added to our experience. I would highly recommend!!!

Trisha A.

Surprisingly, my favorite restaurant in Portland! I came here for dinner, and had to wait about 30-45 minutes to get seated, but it was worth the wait! Plentiful outdoor seating! These Asian styled- Fusion tapas will leave you wanting more. Started with the crudo - delicate and flavorful. Lobster toast is a staple, and will melt in your mouth. Stir up the mee goreng noodles and perfecto - the texture was so pleasing with the sauce! Lastly, the dumplings had its own special kick to it ... meat cooked perfectly inside, and presentation was perfect. I'll definitely be back to try other small dishes when I'm in Portland!

Ami Jo

Sooo good! The wok charred broccolini was the unexpected highlight of our dinner! Will be back next time we're back in town! Thank you for a wonderful meal ?

Jax S.

While we sit at Honey Paw, after a pleasant silence lover looks down and says "I love you." I respond I love you too. He looks at me dead in the eyes and says "I wasn't talking to you... I was talking to the food." I can't be mad. Honey Paw is just that freaking good. We start with the tuna tartare. Not your typical presentation but damn was it delicious. With scallions and spicy Mayo and slivers of seaweed each bite tasted of the sea in a marvelous way. A bite reminds one of swimming at a pristine remote salty beach in Japan not the polluted trashy orange spray tan sorry excuses for beaches the Jersey Shore holds. Next came the Wok Charred Broccolini. The food came quickly. One dish piling upon another. Chili sauce and scallions tickled the tongue while the broccolini held down the fort. The fun truly began with the main courses. Time for some quick math... The Pad Kee Mao + my mouth = mmmmmm delish. The noodles were thiccccc as fuck. I'm talking dump truck level. Not too easy to pick up with them chopsticks but worth every slurp. The lamb is pretty good but could have been cooked a little bit better and was a touch tough. Well a great dish the Pad Kee Mao is not the standout of the meal. To each and every person that sauntered past our table lover and I yelped "GET THE SOOOOUP". The Khao Soi was phenomenal. Upon first slurp, the Khao Soi demanded a moment of silence for love of all other soups that came before. For how could any other soup every compare? The noodles, mustard greens, and lamb chunks were great but their role was simply to provide a stage upon which the broth could perform. And man oh man did that shmexy green broth put on a show. The coconut played with the spice of chili sauce which toyed with a tangy sensation of oyster sauce all coming together to perform a delicate dance of delicious brothness. The crispy noodles and pickled onions were akin to sprinkles on a Sunday. While the soup could exist without them, the taste is so much more beautiful for them. For the grand finale, we dipped our paws into the honey soft serve which is served in a hardened dark chocolate shell, sprinkled with honey comb and sea salt flakes. Each bite provided a sensation of an all body consuming warmth akin to a cozy cocoon. A wonderfully delightful end to a wonderfully delightful meal. Compliments to the chef. Each dish blended a number of flavors together beautifully. From the tartare to the ice cream no flavor overwhelmed. All worked together with the chef as a fantastic coach, with a keen eye for strong players. Lover and I shall not return. For this meal is preserved perfectly in our memories and we are sure that an experience greater can not be had. With that the Honey Paw receives 5 stars. Stay hungry, not hangry.

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