XO Burgers & Wings

88 Middle St, Portland
(207) 774-8538

Recent Reviews

Mike D

Incredible burgers and wings - please don't close!!

Travis G

Had takeout for Maine Restaurant Week...ordered a few burgers for my two boys and me and had three flavors of wings and Fries. I appreciate the effort to explore new flavors. The onions on my Mushroom Burger were way too sweet and detracted from the overall flavor. Bacon and Bleu burger was better, as was the American Burger. French fries were just pretty good- a tad undercooked, but still ok. Wings were on the smaller side, but good, just not up to the level of other superior options in Portland, such as Bingas and King's Head. Prices were reasonable. Service was efficient. Probably unlikely to head back, but may give them another shot at some point.

Len A.

Just had my first XO burger and it was delicious. One of the best burgers in Portland, for quality, this and Woodford F &B are my tops. I do have some favorites for old school greasy burgers, these are not that. I had the Model burger and it was cooked perfectly. There was some char on the burger which is fine, it gave it that flame grilled taste. Not sure if the char is by design or not, either way it was delicious. Will definitely try some of the other burgers. I also ordered 3 small wing orders. The General Tao's wings were perfect. The traditional Buffalo wings were very good too but can get the same quality in other wing places. The last one ordered was the Chilli Crisp wings, they were okay, nothing wrong with them just not my cup of tea. Another reviewer said the wings were small, which they are but I think the smaller wing is a much better wing than the steroid wings. If looking for a top notch quality handcrafted burger, this is the place. Next time will try the fries.

Amy Johnson

XO Burgers & Wings is absolutely unreal! Wasn’t sure what to expect of this pop-up/ghost kitchen concept, but given that it’s from the same folks as Eventide, you know it’s going to be good. My partner and I ordered the bacon blue cheese burger, the horseradish burger, the gourmet sauce wings, the chili wings and a side of fries. And yes, we experienced the most luxurious of food comas afterwards. The fries were amazing, like McDonald’s but without the carcinogens. Crispy, salty and very addicting. Both burgers were packed with toppings and a sauce that drips down your face as you’re eating it. Napkins are a must for this. We thought the portions would be smaller given the cheaper price, but were definitely surprised by the amount of food. Hasn’t even been 24 hours since we last ate here and I’m already contemplating when to go again.

Matt B.

Got delivery - (Colorado burger, buff wings, falafel burger) Awesome flavor on everything and was still warm. The blue cheese was even spectacular. The only complaint I had was the wings were pretty small (being from wny, again, I was amazed as how good and authentic the flavor was!!!) and I only got 7 in the order instead of the listed 8. Burger was well flavored and needed no ketchup (always love a hamburger I can abstain from adding ketchup to) and the roll was also super tasty and soft. Would definitely order from this place again.

Uncle J.

XO is a strictly take-out endeavor helmed by the same people (Big Tree) that run Eventide, Honey Paw, and the temporarily closed Hugo's. The full name is XO Burgers and Wings and that is primarily what they do, with a couple salads and vegetarian options thrown in like a falafel burger. Make no mistake though, by just being a fat kid that likes pub food, I make it my business to eat a lot of burgers and a lot of wings and I have rarely seen or eaten such creative deliciousness. You can still get some Buffalo-ish wings, but you can also get Yuzu and Black Pepper Wings. The Gourmet Sauce wings we had were cooked with something called Maggi, smoked butter, fried garlic and jalapenos, so F'ING good. Burgers combinations are all amazing, most $13. If you listen to nothing else I say, get their Frank's Hot Sauce puffs with the blue cheese and you will thank me, you'll thank them, you'll thank Frank. Ordering is done through their website and there's a delivery option but we opted for pick-up which was at the host stand of Eventide. I think their hours are primarily evenings at least on weeknights. No one likes this horrible situation we're in, but among the bright spots is that the talented chefs from these restaurants have been turned loose on pub food. It's the stuff of stoner, sports bar dreams and I highly doubt it will last past the spring or summer, so put on those stretchy sweatpants and get after it.

Barbara Weldon Soloway

Hugo’s is the best restaurant in Portland. We’ve lived here for many, many years and have eaten there many times! Birthdays, anniversaries, wine dinners, potato farmer dinners...We usually do the Chef Tasting Dinner. Tonight we ordered off the menu. Tonight we had a chopped salad, tempura mushrooms and shared a monk tail with sunchokes, Kimchee and mushrooms. Soooo delicious!!

W J Duke Dufresne

Always a favorite. Innovative small plates, excellent wines. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive. Thanks to the back of the house - the unseen warriors.

Leona Hall

Beautiful restaurant. Really good food and drinks. Even though they were very busy, it was still very quiet and calm. Very nice ambience. Bartender was fantastic! He was a real gem! Will definitely go there again. Thank you for the great food and evening.

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