Cloverleaf Pizza

15670 13 Mile Rd, Roseville
(586) 771-0180

Recent Reviews

Louis Gauvreau

They have got the best pizza out there it's always well cooked never gooey and then they put the sauce on top oh my God it is to die for

fat cat

Best pizza place ever. Staff is very fast and super nice.

ford henry

Good Detroit style pizza......the veggie pizza slap

Kevin C.

Great dine in! It's a legendary east side place. Get here. NOW. ...or try their new carry out annex off of Harper if you can't do dine in! It's very good

Marcie Edwards

One of my favorite pizza shops in the area. And if you want a good salad along with your pizza, I highly recommend. Always terrific customer service!

Caroline Noel

Best pizza ive had in a while! My first time wont be my last! DELISH

Tim Peplinski

Good pizza. Staff was friendly. Recieved food on time

Frank Lewis

Wow what a disappointment! Nothing like the one in eastpoint on gratiot. Not only was the dough flat and tasteless and it was made wrong !!!! I drove by 5 other pizza places to get this garbage...what a dissapointment.

Franko L.

Tasteless flat square pizza. To bad it was cold and missing my toppings i payed for. Why ask how you want it cooked if your not goi g to do it anyway. What a waste of time and money from both ends. This crap pizza sits on my counter while no one eats it..pretty bad when kids say its bad. Shame on your establishment..nothing like the original. Go else where not here. You own me a quality pizzaa

Marcia Battles

Pretty decent pizza, not overly doughy. Love the cheese bread. The antipasto salad is less than stellar

Al Clemons

Great tasting pizza for reasonable prices for lunch and Tuesday specials.

Sophia Lertola

The new owners and employees are great! They went above and beyond to help me prepare for the very large order we made, back in August. I would definitely recommend this location to all; especially for parties/catering.

Ella Dory

Gross! Their seep dish pizza is never cooked. Soggy and sought. I WON’t be back!! Jets at least cooks their dough!!

Robb SirFano

Best pizza, people, and experience I've ever had ordering pizza. The staff treated me like family and I look forward to ordering every time. Definitely the go-to place. The subs are a must order every time, Paul Hollywood levels of bread for those subs. New family favorite for sure.

Kira Dombrowski

Usually a good place but this time pizza was soggy with way too much cheese that must have been tipped at some point because it was mostly in the corner of the box. Only gave 3 stars still because they're usually pretty good.

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