King's Pizza - Roseville

16273 E Eleven Mile Rd, Roseville
(586) 772-5330

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Hosted a party. Ordered 3 big 32 pieces pizzas. Days ahead of time. Needed to have pizza delivered at Precise time. Kaylee was right on time with hot pizza. Guest wanted to know where the pizza came from it was delicious.. Thank you kings for making my party special

Elyssa Mikhel

Good food but they need to work on their cleanliness and being more careful with expiration dates. Ordered a slice of cheesecake $4 and saw mold on it! ?

Thomas Vanderheyden

WIted an hour and 30 mins to get a cold cheese pizza then was told oh we can Make another but it'll be another hour and just give the other pizza to the driver ???????? ..... Ummm no thanks so my kids can wait another hour to eat dinner after already waiting 1 1/2 hours so i microwaved my 20 cheese only pizza so my kids copy's eat dinner. Ill never order kings again and ive ordered from this place for years.

Amanda Leipus

The 11 mile location is the one you want for the steak onion n cheese sub with gravy. They use REAL steak not processed pressed meat sheets lol..$14 for a large n worth every penny

Nicky Rodriguez

Excellent customer service! The staff were friendly and helpful! My food was cooked to perfection. I will definitely be recommending this (Roseville) location to my friends and family! Keep up the great work guys!! You absolutely rock! Their online ordering app is also very easy to understand/navigate.

Jeffrey Christel

I use to live in Roseville and order wings,pizza, breadsticks. etc. Everything was always cooked perfectly and delicious. When I moved to St Clair Shores, I called to place a order and found out I can still have it delivered! This is a great pizza place and I strongly recommend the Detroit Style square pizza! Keep up the great work Kings Pizza!

Stefan Eggenschwiler

Pizza and salads are good. Do NOT order online! Order is always late and usually wrong!

Matt V

Why can't I order online? None of your tabs work.In this climate you should have figured this out. Changed rating!!! Love your food, but I don't like data stealing apps. If I could order from the website the rating would be five stars.

Todd Shinall

Chicago style deep dish pizza is not really what I was expecting. Typically the sauce is on top of the cheese in order to prevent the cheese from burning during the longer baking times of the deep dish. Unfortunately the “chicago” style deep dish pizza I received was 95% burnt dough 2% sauce topped with 3% of burnt cheese. My partner had a sub and he seemed satisfied with it, but nothing special. Sorry, really wanted to like everything but the majority of the food we ordered went to waste.

Brandon Lake

Great pizza, great wings. Pretty much everything is great about this place. Have been going there for years, and will continue going there for years to come.

Charles Przybycki

Every single time I order my food is worse, 5 years ago I would’ve recommended but never now, my wings never have sauce on them and my order is always like 40$ for 2 small servings of wings. I live 4 blocks away still wouldn’t walk there.

xBr4nD0x Lake

Great pizza, great wings. Pretty much everything is great about this place. Have been going there for years, and will continue going there for years to come.

Cindy Slaughter

The pizza and cinnamon knots are awesome. Nice friendly delivery. Will be ordering again.

Andrew A

Ordered their Detroit Style Pizza after being successfully targeted from their Facebook ad. I ordered garlic and cheese only. Let me say that their pizza is very delicious (I like their sweet sauce) and their customer service is friendly.I recommend trying it!

Jodi Querry

Since discovering this gem a month ago, my husband and I have been getting dinners from them 1 to 2 times a week. So far, we have not had a bad meal yet! There are just a few items we have not devoured yet, and I look forward to the next time we order! Thank you all for making our meal choices delicious!!

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