1856 Madison Ave, Mankato
(507) 344-1554

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Noah Summers

Never have i been disappointed with quality of food. Plus I did the woodwork, commercial vinyl, and all painting at this location.

Mandi Gonzalez

It was busy but it was worth the wait I haven't had Culver's in years and it was super yummy I would suggest having the sourdough melt or the mushroom and Swiss burger in their fries all so yummy

Freedom America

Love this Culver's! Great food and always well made. Polite staff.

Susan Bainter

Fish i usually overcooked, bordering on burnt. They don't have vinegar for the fish and if you want a sundae it better be the way the cashier wants to make it or your gonna get rude remarks, ignored or told no. Other Culvers restaurants are so much better.

Jennifer Sorum

Absolutely amazing! I ate every bite sitting in Shopko parking lot. I could not even make it to my destination after one bit using there drive thru!!! Ha ha Hot, fresh, friendly and cleanliness!!! Mouth watering!

Brian Schofield

The only thing missing is the drive-in portion with car hops and Chuck Berry on the radio. Clean spacious and comfortable indoor seating and a small patio for your dining enjoyment. Great burgers and shakes with the taste and price from back in the day. The counter and wait staff are friendly and helpful. Not a typical fast food restaurant that is for sure.

Annette Wayne

I really like Culver’s a lot! They make good food for a fast food restaurant! I really love their cheese curds, they are the best! Oh and don’t get me started on their smoothies that they have during the summer time. Those are so delicious ? I highly recommend this place! Oh there are so many more things that I love there but go judge for yourself! Very good food for everyone in the family! ???

cynthia dirksen

The food was cooked to perfection. Great fast friendly service.. My husband and I had cod sandwich dinners. Just delicious

LeAnn Baumann

Crazy busy because the food is sooooo good! Dine in or carry out.

Wes Thompson

There's something special about how Culver's nails that diner flavor. The quality of service at this particular staurant ranges from serviceable to lip smacking good, but I went with 5 stars because even when it wasn't stellar it still is better than McDons or 5 Guys.

John and Sheila Bartelt

My husband and I live in Rice County and when we go to Mankato we always discuss where to eat...a and no matter what... we end up at Culver's having the most delicious butter burgers ever!! Everytime we get hot, scrumchus, and mouth watering deliciousness... Thank you? plus hot fudge sundaes and milk shakes are a must..


Check drive thru receipts, however wish they would give one after paying with cost breakdown too. I never get one until I receive food.. My burger did not have everything I wanted on it, and also they added a extra item that I did not want at the end of my order. I mentioned the extra large drink and the worker said it must be for the car behind me so you can have it, however that was not true. They did offer me a coupon which was awesome, but that does not replace my money. I wish they would give receipts at window when you pay for your items, not just a receipt on the bag of food and it does not even state cost breakdown.

Samantha Klampe

Foodwas good and the service was fast. Friendly people. Love their ice cream

Barbara Cline

I got walleye dinner again, when I ordered cod. Very upset. Or did you change the way you bread your fish? I use to get big fluffy white cod pieces. This has happened to me a couple of times now. Probably won't come back.

Brian Miller

There was a long line at the drive through. I was expecting a very long wait. To my surprise, we moved through pretty fast & we were on our way. Thanks to the crew for working fast and as usual getting our order correct! Good job!

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