Mongolian Grill

1876 Madison Ave, Mankato
(507) 388-4550

Recent Reviews

marcus mittelstadt

Personal favorite, stop in almost everytime we're in town

Diana Hidalgo

Delicious food! Our waitress was very helpful in telling us how to follow the sauce recommendations and even made my kids some easy to use chopsticks

Joseph Sullivan

Awesome food! super friendly staff and huge quantities of food. You are able to customize your order and choose the proteins, vegetables, and sauces that you like and skip what you don't like. Perfect for take out or dine in.

Scott DeAtley

Go hungry its alot of food. They are very serious about mask wearing not my thing but I do respect that they care about everyone's health its not that hard to be respectful and wear one.

Zac Reinhardt

One of my absolute favorite places to eat! Love watching them cook it on the grill and it tastes amazing every time!

shelly neville

Food awesome service was rude

Brentyn Z

Amazing food!! Fill your bowl with your favorite fixings and watch them cook it!! Make your bowl anyway you like!! Perfect! Lots of food for the money!!

Ashley Worley

Decent variety of options and tastes soooo good! Will deff be back!

Rex Kern

Very good food. Only wish they would plate it. Not a big fan of eating out of a bowl.

Steve Rutherford

Love a good Mongolian grill, this one rates right up there.

Larry Walders

One of our favorite places to eat. You can pick and choose what you want in your bowel and control the flavor from mild to HOT. Hint, get a large bowel and take home any thing you don't eat, it's even better the next day.

Lizzie Kane

I absolutely adore Mongolian Grill, their food is undeniably incredible, freshly made and customized by you with options for vegetarian and regular meat consumers like myself. The leftovers taste amazing the next day for a quick lunch, and it's priced so very reasonably. The owners and employees are so friendly, have excellent hospitality, and the men working the grill (don't know what it's called cause it's way cooler than a grill) are so nice and are artful in what they do. Every dollar spent here goes to great people who provide traditional style stir fry in a boring American food culture. Could not recommend more highly!

Iris Blooflat

One on our family's favorite places to go.

Sheri Janus

Food is great. Not too expensive fun to watch them make the food on the big circle Grill

Jessie Willner

Excellent food. Pop was flat. Nice staff.

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