Five Guys

2703 Broadway Bluffs Dr Unit 240, Columbia
(573) 203-3006

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David Roll

Good food, good burgers. Fry orders are HUGE! Three of us split the large order of fries and there was still lots left over. I, personally, was very happy to find malt vinegar to add to my fries!

Dan Parish

Great burger wish the fries were crispy then it would get 5 stars

Gayla Jenkins

$30 for two hamburgers and fries was VERY pricey in my opinion. The burger wasn't anything over the top. The fries were good.. glad ppl like it. I doubt I'll be going back.

David N. Daughenbaugh, Jr.

Food was amazing. Got a large fry to share with wife and I think bag was 1/4 full of hot, fresh cooked fries. Saw them take fries from oil for order before, our, and after our fries.We'll definitely be back; already trying for an excuse to get back. Would have given 5 for 5 stars but dining area was sweltering hot. Saw swet on almost every other patron at tables around mine. Felt sorry for grillmaster; can't imagine how unbearable it was for them.Turn thermostat down to have perfect Diner.

Walter Reinhardt

According to my phone app it was 83 degrees inside , very uncomfortable eating hot food but guess you have to cut costs somewhere to afford employee's

Thomas Bartik

Worst experience at a Five Guy's. Maybe this one shouldn't have an open kitchen. I watched what I believed and then confirmed my little bacon burger and blt sit unaddressed on the table to be wrapped for at least 7 minutes. That's from when I realized it was mine. So like warm sandwiches and over salted fries. Some of the things I appreciated about five guys was the extra fries. But when you order a little and you get a bag full, it's a little excessive. I guess it was to make up for my frustration. But no apology. Another customer came in an had an online order which they hadn't started on. Which they gave her attitude first saying we don't have it. Then checking the printer and stating they do and are starting on it right away. No apologies. I understand busy. But it's set up like an assembly line. Should be working way better. And at least 4 people working. Okay you're behind. Just communicate that.... I'm done

Gary Meyerpeter

My wife and I have been loyal customers of the Five Guys on East Broadway since it opened several years ago. We tried to eat lunch there today, however, after waiting for several minutes before we were even acknowledged we were told, “We’re not taking any in person orders because we’re to backed up.” The person then turned and walked away from us. We were absolutely dumbfounded as there were people in the restaurant eating, plus those waiting for their orders. It would appear that online orders take precedence over dine in customers. There are too many other choices of places to eat in Columbia. We will not be back!

Trevor Whitlow

Bad for Five Guys standards. Not sure why the corporate office hasn't cut off their franchise license yet, because the quality at this location is lacking.Burger was cool to the touch. The patty was not hot enough to overcome the cooler temperatures of the lettuce, tomato, etc. Burger was also mushy. The bottom bun was disintegrated halfway through. Way too much condiment.The fries were also very underwhelming. Not cooked long enough. Not hot enough. And it's not like the place was crowded. Capacity was very mild. It really baffles me why this location is just bad by comparison to other locations.Was it bad? Not in the abstract. But was os it deserving of Five Guys mark? No, definitely not worth anything more than 7 bucks, let alone 14.

Jackie Graham

I deliver food in columbia. I came to 5 guys 2 times today already and the store is very busy. They were only accepting online orders because of short staff. It was a little bit of a wait and I could see how busy these guys were. Even through that each and every one of the employees had a smile on their face and a great attitude. Idk what management is doing here but they seem to have it right. Even through the masks I could tell they were in good spirits. Great job guys!!! I will be accepting every delivery from this store that comes across my radar.

Karla Tberry

Excellent as usual. Ordered ahead and it was juuussst about ready when I walked in. I ordered something a little different from my usual and it was so good I may have to go back real soon ?.

Ben Manker

If an owner or manager sees this, please try to fix the estimated pickup times with doordash. I’ve been dashing for 2 years and every time I come here at the pickup time, they say they just received the order. The pickup times need to be extended by 15-20 min at least and maybe more for known busy times. There’s no need to make dashers sit and wait just because of this small issue. I usually can’t wait more than 5-10 min especially if I have another order already in my car. Thank you! If you guys fix this I’d love to change my review to 5 stars :)

Phil Hatfield

I have never had a bad experience here at Five Guys. Food is always fresh and hot. I will keep coming back.

Jose Vargas

I feel very discriminated with the night staff that was there today 4-20-2021 at 7:30 pm i am a delivery driver but this time i walked in as a regular customer to order me some food i have never had any kind of issues with the staff that was there back then i only asked for 1 single item a hamburger and 25 minutes passed and they still did not have my order yet people who got there after me and made bigger orders got their food and they even passed my number i was number 47 yet they were already on number 50 it’s not fair they way this employees left my order at the end am a custo just like anyone alse alsoit was not even full.. so they just took their sweet 25 mins for no reason i ended up asking for a refound because it was very unfair how other people got their orders that were bigger than mine and got there after me and i was there waiting..

Bonnie Gilley

Ordered for pick up at 6:20 pm still waiting at 6:51 for food.This is just awesome ?


This place is like you opened your own kitchen and made fresh cut fries and cheeseburger, not just a patty. Big portions I recommend little Cheeseburger and little fries don't let the words fool ya

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