907 Alley A, Columbia
(573) 442-2239

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Lily Real

Amazing food and service!!! Best sushi in Missouri hands down !!! Highly recommended

Ashley Otto

The fried dragon roll and the ramen are absolutely fantastic!

John Harker

Good sushi, cool space. They have a good selection of sakes as well! They have also really improved their ramen and udon as well, great noodles of all kinds including pad thai! I still think Osaka probably has them beat in terms of better sushi, but still a great place to eat!

Anna H

What's not to love about the freshest, most awesome sushi in town? Not to mention the Gesha Martini is superb.Our favorites include: spicy tuna, volcano roll, and geisha martini lol


The food was average and the atmosphere was really hip, but the service was pretty terrible and overall the experience was not worth the very high price.Took 25 minutes to get water and take our order. Was about 70 mins from when we sat down to get our food.Gyozas were ok but cold by the time we got them.Ramen was fine. You could tell they used good materials, the egg was cooked well, they had big chunks of pork and you could see nice globs of fat in the broth. Unfortunately, they went a little crazy with the miso and you couldn’t really taste anything else.Rolls were inconsistent. Crazy roll was really good and savory, while the incrediroll was pretty bland and honestly about the same quality you’d pick up from a grocery store or Chinese buffet. Both rolls were very sloppily constructed and plated and had fallen apart before they arrived at our table.Nigiri is probably where they shined strongest. Saba, tamago and masago were all great.

Devon Themofusunshyn

Yo waddup, I've reviewed this place before and I feel like I said all that can be said about this place. But I'll say it again, this time way shorter lol. This place is bangin' bro. So dank. So amazing.And mega shout out to olivia our waitress who was killer. She was Hella dope! Mad appreciation for her!I believe Mallory was the waitress I was stoked on last time, so check this owner of kampai... give these girls a fatty raise! Ya hear!Thank you all for awesome food, and rad service.P.s. tell Francisco that devon from flatbranch loves him, and hug him for me! te amo mi amor!

Shanna S.

Very clean space, good ambiance. Background music is nice. Our server was excellent. Super attentive and was able to answer questions we had. The food was timely considering we have 8 people. The food was really good. Perfectly prepared and presented. Many sushi rolls to choose from, as well as other dishes.

Stephen Bollinger

Coo coo nest... nothing better!

Michael Becker

This is our favorite sushi in town. We have had expeceptional experiences here and we eat Kampai weekly!

David Wilson

Delicious food and drinks! Our server was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. One of my favorite places to eat!

Devon W.

Yo, this place was hella dank. So I'm back here in Missouri for a bit, from California, and finding awesome soosh as well as amazing customer service hasn't been the easiest. After trying a few places in town I was like well damn, I guess I'm just totally s.o.l.... and then I made a friend who likes sushi just as much as I do and she was like, okay were going to kampai... and I was like I'm freakin down! Bro, the hype was all real... a few homies recommended the Brussel sprouts, and now I will too. They were so bomb dude! Not only was the sushi totally amazing, The aesthetics of of rolls were on point. And they tasted phenomenal. Like my mouth is wet right now just thinking about how fire everything was. Hahaha. And to top off what a great experience this place was, our waitress was the adorable Mallory, and she was a doll! She was Hella helpful, and wicked pleasant! I'd give this place a zillion stars of it was an option. P.s. shout out to the handsome amigo Francisco! We love you!

Brian R.

The food is so good you have to go . Like going to a big city sushi restaurant. They deserve a 5 star.

Amber Strong

Food was amazing as well as very attentive wait staff. Definitely going again.

Lauren Johnson

while the food was amazing the service was horrible. we waited an hour and a half to get 3 rolls of sushi. i blame this completely on the waitress. a couple that was seated after us with a different waitress got their food before us. our waitress didn’t check on us but one time the whole night even with the hour and half wait for our food.on top of that the restaurant was very cold. i understand that it is winter and cold but we were not the only people that had problems with the temperature while we ateone last thing, i feel very bad for the hostess. for what i could tell she was the only one who working reservations, wait times, seating people, cleaning tables, etc.

Chandler Farmer

Probably the best sushi in Mid Missouri. Lots of options and the brussels are a must order every time.

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