Panera Bread

209 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia
(573) 449-6466

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Kyle Robertson

Been in the drive through line for over an hour from 2:40 pm to 3:51 pm and going. There is no way to leave this drive through. This seems wrong. People are furious and just want to leave, but we have to sit and wait for every single person ahead of us to get their food before we can even pull away. Get a second lane. I don’t want your food, I just want to leave now so I can get to work.

Savana P.

The food here is fine, but they either need to hire more staff or close the drive through. I sat in line for a good half hour for 2 bagels and a coffee. The wait inside isn't much better. Not sure if it's a problem with management or if they're just severely understaffed, but either way they should close the drive through.

Laversa Siebuhr

I ordered a salad with extra dressing and got 0 dressing but 3 pieces of bread. Can’t wait for your new building to have a new operation.Still trying to figure out how you can order a salad and not get 1 dressing???????

Dennis B.

2nd time here. 1st time we sat in the drive through for 35 minutes and by the time we got to order we were told that breakfast was no longer being served. It took some arguing to convince them that we were there in time for breakfast. Went inside this time. There was only one person taking orders so it took awhile to get our food. Restaurant was 25% capacity. Nice and new. The coffee was out so I had to wait for awhile. Food was good. Lady that waited on us was nice but they seem a little disorganized. We'll try again.

Jeremy garnett

Word to the wise, never use the little tablets to order cookies after eating I ended up waiting for almost half an hour... the orders are processed in the order that they are received. And I could have waited in the line and been out in minutes... so I fully understand that my antisocial tendencies are more to blame then the restaurant itself in this matter. Just thought I would share

Michael Boone

Food was good, but restaurant was out of avocado, ice machine for drinks was broken and not enough help. The girl behind the counter was doing her best to keep up, but it was a lot for one person.


The Southern BBQ Chicken sandwich was amazing! The wait time was a bit longer than usual but the management up-sized my drink so that was satisfying.

Joni Johnson

Food was good but place was super busy and got our order wrong twice. We ordered on the app and our food took about 30 min longer than the app said it would. The staff was friendly and seemed to be doing the best they could with being so busy.

john kieran

Excellent food as always! This location is a bit hard to get to as it doesn't have a dedicated entrance, but there is a drive thru and pickup order parking available for convenience.Staff were very nice and the restaurant was clean, plus calm music was playing, which made my visit very relaxing. They were out of cane sugar for the tea at the drink area, but I went with soda instead anyways. Definitely will visit again!

Elizabeth Skelly

Got stuck in the drive-through for 35 minutes and there was about 6 cars in front of me when I got there… very frustrating.

Taylor Bosworth

The new location (the one across from the old location) on Nifong was great. My food was good; I always get a cup of soup and a Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt. The staff at this location were really friendly and helpful. I'm glad they got a new building/location because the old one looked a little shady.

Brian Smith

Since changing locations, this Panera service and speed has completely tanked. I was a regular at their old location and at the new location have experienced rude employees and thirty minute waits for simple items that would have previously been ready in less than five minutes.

Tie Dye Queen Karen

The food was fresh and delicious. Service was polite and accommodating. Prices are fair.

Jennifer Todd

The Columbia MO Nifong location drive thru is AWFUL. Once in line, you are trapped by a curb, lawn, and fence. After the first 45 minutes, I'd have jumped the curb if at all possible. After an hour and twenty minutes, I almost felt sorry for the girl who "just got here 6 minutes ago" that was working the window. There should be a sign like they use on busy highways "1.5 hours to go 500 feet" before you have to commit to the drive thru. The food will never be good enough for that kind of wait.

Wendi Martin

They were out of so many things. I ordered for curbside pickup because I am sick. My order was missing several items so I had to go inside to get my items. After a couple of minutes of listening to the man in front of me trying to place an order only to be told they were out of everything he asked for, I was finally "helped" and they were incredibly rude and unapologetic. When I finally got home my food was cold and not even good. I will admit that may be in part because I'm sick and nothing tastes right.

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