975 N Hwy 67, Florissant
(314) 801-7939

Recent Reviews

Roslin Johnson

Just had to have one of you all's great burgers and fries with the soft drink it hit the spot ?

Stefanie Gladney

My pretzel burger was delicious and the onion rings were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as they should be....According to my husband, his burger was not as good....


Great fast food with lots of menu options … and of course creamy frozen custard



Margaret Hargus

Food is consistently good; staff courteous and friendly. Drawback is with only drive thru open, orders not always right through misunderstanding or misheard through the squawk box.

Neva Taylor

My daughter took me to Culver's with my granddaughter bought us all dinner and she hipped me to the french fries with the cheese sauce dip on the side so good now I go there just for the fries and cheese sauce on the side.

gladys shaw

First shopping here. Drive through Service to be desired. Asked to wait on order. At least ten others ordered after me. Also had to wait. After twenty minutes waiting staff started bringing out orders only to give them to the customers. Orders all messed up. Need to say, asked for my money back and didn’t happen. To not act crazy , took the second order they brought out . Knowing it was the same order they had just given to a different customer. I will never patronize this place again.Lost a customer.

charles diggs

Man I wish I was there right now I love their fish and chips nice hamburgers and you know the custard is out of sight

tomato potato

Love the Midwestern beef! Hard to find that flavor. Best burgers ive ever had! Living in NY, I never see Culvers. I Will stop there when ever I'm out to the midwest. Great food!

Deanna Granger

You can order online if the drive thru line is long. I received my order quicker that way than staying in line.

Scott Ihlenfeldt

One of the best run restaurant franchises in America!Always great food and awesome service!

Doug Shepherd

I love Culver's to me they have some of the best burgers around with everything going on with the pandemic it's very hard to get in line for the drive-thru pretty much have to hit it early or maybe 20-30 cards in front of you.

latannie moore

Eat here every week . Every time the food is great & delicious . TODAY !! may 5th 2020 was on lunch break & after i got my food , took a nice hand of fried out the bag . & ended up with a long piece of black hair in my mouth . HAIRNETS !!!! & Hair put up PLEASE !

gloria Mike

Love my Culver's hamburger fries an top it off with a strawberry concrete. Nothing like it.

Timara Green

I ordered the cod fillet dinner. The fish tasted like it had been cooked in old grease and tasted burnt. It also had a burnt smell to it. They need to have a better schedule of filtering/ rotating their oil because they are too expensive to be serving poor quality food such as what I received. Large portion, but not worth the money at all.

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