Helfer's Pastries & Deli Cafe

380 St Ferdinand St, Florissant
(314) 837-6050

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Cute little sandwich and pastry shop. But watch out for the credit card surcharges. Only go here with cash. Update, yikes, the cost of the cakes.

Vanessa Sutton

I used to come here all the time b4 the pandemic bcuz they had great pastry but the last time I went it was much different than b4, the pastries I usually order seemed like the recipes had changed and not for the better. The cinnamon roll was much smaller and the taste had changed but the price stayed the same. I ordered a gooey butter Caramel covered Danish, a cinnamon roll and a cheese Danish and the only thing that was tasty was the gooey butter Danish with the Caramel topping. I won't be going back anytime soon. I was disappointed, after waiting all this time, I thought I was in for a treat, instead I got "tricked"!!! BUMMER!!!

S Adler

Just amazing as the first time I went as a little girl YEARS ago. Friendly service & clean.

Tessie Dunker

My husband & I had one of the worst days of our lives. So we decided to come here & order practically one of every pastry. Everything was so so good! We were blown away & it definitely helped us eat our feelings. The man who helped us was really pleasant as well.

Patricia Sims

A North County institution!!! Always great service. Always great desserts and sandwiches! One of my favorites.

Hill Demand Respect

I ordered a sheet cake for my god-mother's birthday. OMG! It was excellent!! This was my first time ordering from Heller's, it definitely won't be my last time. That cake was so moist and delicious. Keep up the good work!!!!


Check them out, get you some Heavenly Hash and a cheesecake. Or just have lunch. Make your day better. Love it!

Bertha Mims

Always purchased the Strawberry Whip cream cake here once r twice a year for different events. Very satisfied with the service n the product.

Butch Rosier

Great bakery and they are always adding new items.

Cha-Cha Faith

Fantastic baked goods, sandwiches, service, and more. I'm a regular customer.

Jestine Carrington

We hadn't been to Helfer's Pastries since the pandemic. We went there to get two butter cream on white cupcakes for our daughter after picking her up a birthday meal from Chili's. The one thing we forgot was our own meal. With the array of pastries fit for a queen at Helfers, we were pleasantly surprise that Helfers also had a Deli. This was by far the best, most affordable Reuben Sandwich meal I have ever tasted in my life. Helfers saved our day. We also walked away with our share of elegant pastries and fresh baked bread, that will last past a month, if kept in a freezer. Not only was the food great, the service is outstanding, which is a reflection of the manager, who sets the standards, it will be hard to stay away. Helfers is like a best kept secret.


We always get the whole 8 inch strawberry whipped cream cake. Very good cake

Lee Treft

If you have a sweet tooth or sweet heart or even that someone special this is the place for you. Need a Wedding Cake they have you covered. Come in set down and have a cappuccino with your donut or roll. Masks are recommended. All staff are friendly and very knowledgeable in your pastry needs.

Allimarie Wallace

I stopped in for a cold drink and a snack and wow they have some airy cakes and muffins! Everything was so soft and moist. I also got a ice chai latte which was delicious as well.

Will Buden

Very good food. Excellent service. Good menu selection. Great pastries for dessert.

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